A free-fall through a cloud of melodic debris. The notes wrap around you as you fall, like musical spaghetti, until you're soaked in them, surrounded. The pounding drums, relentless guitar, weaving strings, and haunting vocals soak you until you break through the bottom into the still night air.


Noisycrane started as Cody Swanson's side project from Louisville instrumental rock band, Manchuria, with a guitar, trumpet, and loop pedal in 2005. In 2006 Sean Rose joined on drums and Austin on bass soon after.

Noisycrane now operates as a constantly growing and shrinking band of friends, sometimes six or seven players (swelling with violin, cello and trumpet), sometimes only one. The songs remain the same, though played with varying instruments and constantly in fun, new ways.

The band are currently working on a new studio EP to be recorded at The Funeral Home, in Louisville, KY

Noisycrane is influenced by: The Microphones, Will Oldham, Neutral Milk Hotel, The Arcade Fire, DeVotchKa, and other lo-fi or western folk, as well as harder bands like Death From Above.



Written By: Cody

this is the last hole, the place where the gang gets folder
this is the last side, the last you will ever know it
this is your hardest mine, this is the end of the line

this is the turning point this is your shining shadow
this is your screaming heart, this is the thing that matters

oh you fell inside an armchair
to lay your head there
would be so sweet

Strutting Around

Written By: Cody

I am sitting here waiting for rain
to come, and rip me away
spoil my clothes, make me dry another day

I am a field as the cloud overhead
bursts and the ground becomes instantly wet
I will be strutting, strutting, strutting around

and mud eats my heart
and then I fall apart
and all we are is gone
but we're the same as we begun

Come From Me

Written By: Cody

I danced with you my love, a thousand birds away
And I all I ever ask of you, is that you'll always stay
away.... da da da da

The storm, the clouds of yesteryear, hide by your name
Out the birds the window flew, and I never know what
to say
to you... la da da da

don't you know it ain't free
don't you love what you did to me
your heart hides what you seek
don't you come, come to me.


"The Bleed Blood Red 7 inch" forskinnysteve records 2008

"Limestone Walls and Frozen Falls" fruit-jelly records 2008

"Portmanteau" fruit-jelly records 2007

"I'm falling/asleep" Shining records, 2008
--self released---
Ohio Tour EP (2008)
Demos 2007 (solo, 2007)
The Kite EP (solo, 2007)
Summer Recordings (solo, 2006)

Set List

A recent, typical set list
E to A
Bleed Blood Red
Sad Song
Trust the Moon
Take a Hike
Strutting Around
Smooth and Calm

Our set can fit within 15-60 minute slots, but generally lasts between 30-40. We occasionally cover Will Oldham, Neutral Milk Hotel, The Jesus And Mary Chain and Nancy Sinatre.