BandHip HopFunk

We are the new sound of the south. Elements from all over the nation and elements of all genres into one.


Emerging from the streets of E. St. Louis, Noiz has been submerged in the essence of hip-hop since the age 11. With such influences as De La Soul, Wu Tang, EPMD, KRS-1 and various other artist, Noiz has delveloped a unique style that is all his own. Self described as the " ... new face of hip hop, chubby in the waist, see me with a whole case and flip flops", Noiz tells stories based on his experiences as a black man and as a human being. "I'm not a thug, I'm a man who does what it takes to survive. Thuggin' is some type of style, thats not me. I'm real."

It wasn't until he made his way to Raleigh, NC that he had the opportunity to hear himself on tracks for the first time. He was an instant hit! Hoods from Raleigh, Fayetteville and Durham have all heard of Noiz. Noiz spent most of his youth in upstate New York where he perfected his flow. Now, a long way away from street battles, Noiz sets the stage for national recognition.


They Don't Wanna See Me

Set List

They Don't Wanna See Me
Baby Momma