Noize Tank

Noize Tank

 Boston, Massachusetts, USA

We're the band that's out to get you. Usually fast, occasionally heavy, but always deliberate. A section might just be chords and a poem, or it could be a roaring wave of sound. It's all part of a refreshing and new recipe, through either adding new flavors, or bringing back forgotten ones.


Noize Tank is the band that hits listeners with something hard, and something fresh. Each member has a unique background and influence, drawing all the way from Art Blakey to Muse. They formed in the spring of 2010, and have worked since to develop an inspiring sound: not so much defined by its two-step grooves, blaring intensity, or lush harmonies, but by the way it makes gets a person moving and to tell all of their friends about it.


Cupid Dropped The Ball (2011)
Strangest Motion (2011)

Set List

1) Luna
2) Cupid Dropped the Ball
3) Walking Away
4) Where Is My Mind
5) The Heat Between
6) Strangest Motion
7) Red Guns
8) Grind Tune