No Jaboinga

No Jaboinga


These guys are a very talented group of musicians who are conquering the Atlanta music scene. They are professional and exceptional musicians and they certainly know how to entertain a crowd!


-Winner of 2006 Bodog Battle of the Bands "In the Trenches"
-Finalist in Star 94 best song contest for "Smarter Martyr"
-Airplay on major market radio, including Star 94 Atlanta and Q 100 Atlanta
-Airplay in independent markets all over the Southeast
-Southeastern finalist for Fuse TV's "Bodog Battle of the Bands"

No Jaboinga is a talented group of musicians who come from all different musical backgrounds and bring with them personalities from varied walks of life. They have concocted a musical recipe that reflects its unusual name with pop hooks that worm their way into your brain, rhythmic manipulation and avante garde musical concepts. With the combination of pop, rock, funk, and jazz influences and eccentric, dedicated, creative and hardworking attitudes, No Jaboinga continues to push new musical boundaries and create a distinguished sound.

Inspired by classics from the Beatles to Zappa, the group likes to keep their music “listener friendly”, but also likes to tackle more advanced musical concepts with sophisticated solos and clever chord progressions. Their advanced pop sound and a dynamic live show keep audiences impressed and on their feet all over the Southeast!

“No Jaboinga hyped up the crowd with their power packed set. These talented musicians not only brought a great crowd, but also knew their instruments inside and out. Their virtuosic effect-driven abilities on every instrument only complemented the vocals in this ensemble. These guys were amazing to watch and listen to. (Everything was there …back-up vocals, stage presence, song quality, and very radio friendly”
– Christine Brown, A&R, Bodog Records Canada

"No Jaboinga has a funky approach, with tight, syncopated grooves. All four members sing, and the resulting harmony parts are incredible."
-The Corner News, Auburn, AL

“With their melodic songs, virtuostic musicianship, and high energy stage shows NoJaboinga is setting the pace for good time rock music in Atlanta.”
–Atlanta Institue of Music Quarterly Newsletter


No Jaboinga has recorded a three song demo, recorded in various spaces. They are currently in the studio recording their first full length album.

Set List

Our originals include:
It's Down to You
Smarter Martyr
the Gavel
White Noise
In Cinquo
Fall Down

Artist we cover frequently include:

The Beatles
The Police
Frank Zappa
Stevie Wonder
Talking Heads
Herbie Hancock
Steely Dan
The Brecker Brothers
The Smashing Pumpkins

...and many more!

No Jaboinga plays anywhere from one 45-minute set to an 4 hour set in an evening.