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Harwich, Massachusetts, United States

Harwich, Massachusetts, United States
Band Hip Hop


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My name is Nik Gallerani and when I'm on stage or rocking a beat they call me 'NokSide'. This name goes way back to about 6th grade when I began recording "RAP" music and it has stuck with me. I used to be caught up in the image of rap and emulated what I thought it was about. Many years have passed since my induction into the genre and I have grown to learn that hip hop has nothing to do with emulation; at least not MY hip hop.

I make music for average people with average feelings to relate to... When I say average feelings, I don't mean that I don't delve into the deeper emotional issues, that is actually what I'm all about. I realize that people aren't perfect and go through less than ideal situations more often than not and convey that in my music. I also make music for you to nod your head to or to cruise around with buddies to, partaking in whatever recreational activities you choose...

I have been a writer my entire life, long before writing rhymes. I have written poetry since a single-digit age and always appreciated artistic efforts and endeavors. I began writing hip hop lyrics on textcee-battling websites, namely and some of my earliest written lyrics can still be found there today in the Hall of Fame section. This is where my true lyricism and quick witted nature could truly shine for the fact that the lyrics were not forced to be simplified to match a beat and could be read as many times as necessary. The kicker that really made me step my lyric-writing game up was the fact that everyone on the site was encouraged to critique the pieces in order to make posts of their own. This forced me to elevate my game at an incredibly rapid pace and the lyrical content is now present in my music.

I was always reluctant to listen to hip hop music as a younger child, convinced that it was too fast to listen to and, in all honesty, thought it took no talent. Consequently, I turned to underground hip hop artists to help me change my opinion. Atmosphere, Aesop Rock, CunninLynguists, and Masta Ace were some of my major influences. Other artists that helped shaped my musical identity include Bob Marley, Led Zeppelin, Pearl Jam, and Dave Matthews Band. Needless to say, my musical preferences cover an extremely wide spectrum and have helped make me into what I am today.

I 'hail' from Cape Cod and represent that fact to the fullest. I was born and raised here and consider myself the luckiest man in the world for that fact. I am extremely thankful for the wonderful people I have in my life. I have an incredibly supportive family that I am extremely close with as well as the best "fans" anyone could ask for. I use that word hesitantly for the fact that anyone who enjoys my music can consider themselves a friend of mine. I pour my real emotions and thoughts out into my music and you can get to know me quite well by listening.

I work with local artists quite often and enjoy the underground label that I wear proudly upon my music. I have worked with/continue to work with artists such as Greedy Irish, Mighty Ceej, Whitman, Pops, Alter Ego, Sinima Beats, Anno Domini Beats, among others. To me, being underground is what makes my music so real and relatable. I don't have tons of money and a flashy car with topless women constantly surrounding me, or an entourage that strikes fear in onlookers hearts... I have a huge college debt to pay off with a hand-me-down car and more often than not, a relationship issue that needs ironing out... My "crew" consists of laid back folks who enjoy the simple pleasures in life and have their priorities in order.

My music is extremely unique and it is important to me that it stays that way. I have no intention of ever "selling out", regardless how far this music thing takes me and will always keep it 100% real for my fans and family and friends. I hope you find my music refreshing and enjoyable and help to spread the tunes! I realize that my lyrics involve intensive listening to truly feel the message within them, but I assure you the extra effort will be worth your time... I am working my hardest to keep hip hop alive in the musical pessimists' hearts, I myself included in that group.