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NoLady are a four-piece pop/rock band from Ireland. Influenced heavily by 80's synths, 90's rock and contemporary dance music, and driven by frontwoman Aine O'Doherty's powerful and sexy vocals, this band are entertaining, exciting to watch, and your ears are assaulted by impossibly catchy tunes.


Lead Vocalist Aine O' Doherty is a veteran singer-songwriter and performer. Having toured for five years as a solo artist, she put a full band together to maximize her powerful vocals and sexy stage presence. Supported on lead guitar by Billy Fitzgerald of 'The Dead Flags', Kev Lowery of 'Mirenda Rosenberg Band' and Micko Mc Grath of 'Inuendo', NoLady is an experienced and talented combination of the best musicians in Ireland at the moment. The emphasis is on creating great pop/rock tunes, and putting on a brilliant live show- that's the aim, and that is the result. Selected for 2009 Hard Working Class Heroes Showcase at The Academy, October 16th 8pm.


Singles due for release from 'NoLady' album are 'Spotlight' (Sept 09) and 'Little Diva' (Oct 09) (available here.) Album due Feb 2010. Previous radio play - 'Such a feeling' 2008, 'Frozen' 2008, 'The Mistress' 2009

Set List

Typical set is 60 minutes, featuring original music + 2/3 covers. (C)
Set List

Little Diva
Green Eyes
When will I be famous? (C)
Johnny Depp
Read My Mind
You Spin me (C)
Pass the Bottle
Wanted More
Piece of my Heart (C)
Merry Go Round