Nolan Garrett

Nolan Garrett

 Tacoma, Washington, USA

A mere moment’s scan of his unique artistic amalgamation suggests an artist on the verge of something extraordinary as personified in his gutsy blend of timeless rock, sophisticated pop, elements of grunge and garage rock, doused with just the right of amount of blues on the fire, thats captivating.


Raised on a steady diet of Jimi Hendrix, John Mayer, Alice In Chains and The Black Keys, Tacoma's Nolan Garrett is just as accomplished as a fiery axe-slinger as he is an ambitious songwriter. A mere moments scan of his unique artistic amalgamation suggests an artist on the verge of something extraordinary as personified in his gutsy blend of timeless rock n roll, sophisticated pop, elements of grunge and garage rock, doused with just the right of amount of blues on the fire.

For an artist of any age, its surely an electrifying dichotomy, but considering Garrett is a mere 16-years-old, it suggests he's nothing short of a modern day prodigy. Yet even with youth on his side, the versatile performer is already a veteran of sorts who first started playing at age 8, took to the professional stage a year later and is currently criss-crossing the Northwest as a weekend warrior while he maintains a straight A average at the highly coveted Tacoma School of the Arts.

I wasnt very good at sports, so I decided to try music and picked up the guitar, but when the day of my first lesson came around, I didnt even want to go, he lets out with a laugh of those pre-teen beginnings. But after my first lesson, I was hooked, and besides having a knack for it, I was able to get instant results where there wasnt any competition. I basically began playing all of the time, constantly striving to get better and improve, and wound up in front of 200 people within six months at a Relay For Life charity event.

Aside from blowing away the crowd with his maturity, professionalism, and perhaps most importantly, playing chops well beyond his years, Garrett hit the open mic/jam night circuit with abandon. It was there that he met a slew of seasoned musicians at least twice his age, which led to further introductions of past and present greats spanning Stevie Ray Vaughan through Joe Bonamassa.

From the moment I started, Ive loved the feeling of being on stage, he observes. Its such an adrenaline high and its the one place you can start going crazy without anyone yelling at you. Its the place where you can really let loose, have fun and feed off the people cheering back at you.

Smaller shows soon blossomed into prestigious area accomplishments, like sweeping Kids Got Talent 2010 (where he scored Best Solo Artist, Best Band and Audience Favorite), bringing Seattles lauded Paramount Theatre to its feet and winning 2012s local International Blues Competition, which ensures him a slot at the national contest in Memphis. Along the way hes also shared the stage with world renown Hendrix emulator Randy Hansen, Grammy Award winning zydeco great Chubby Carrier, plus fellow area favorites like House of Bourbon, and The Randy Oxford Band.

I usually have at least one gig every weekend, sometimes two, and I have band practice twice a week, he shares of his somewhat tenacious schedule considering hes still simultaneously a full time student. I love performing live and I try to make my songs and set list like a constant roller coaster: build it up, drop it down, build it back up and end on a climatic high that leaves people wanting a little more.

Aside from that strategy paying off across the typical clubs, bars and theatres, Garretts performance aptitude also made major waves at one somewhat unexpected location. During his trip to Los Angeles the weekend of 2012s Grammy Awards, the burgeoning troubadour set up shop poolside at the celebrity packed Sunset Marquis hotel, earning a full-fledged fan in the always eclectic Cyndi Lauper, who introduced him on the spot to producer friend Jeff Kossack (of San Fernando Valleys Other Hand Recording).

I didnt want to be super pushy or even play too loudly, so I just made a home at a little couch by the pool and played for pretty much eight hours straight, he remembers of the destiny-filled day. Cyndi and Jeff listened to my song Dont Criticize Me, told me the song was definitely very cool, and in the case of Jeff, it opened the door to us working together in the studio.

Adds Kossack: Working with Nolan in the studio only confirms my original belief that he will be a guitar role model for his generation and his music will someday be heard worldwide, with all the accompanying recognition. He's a true artist, unaffected by vanity. His musical instincts and studio chops are amazing given his youth. I only look for big things from him in the future. People get ready...There's a train a-comin.


Don't Criticize Me

Written By: Nolan Garrett



V1 A Sometimes, G get tired of hearing people D/F# say…F yeah.
A That day your want, G something done in a different D/F# way, F yeah-yeah-yeah.

CH D If its something that you don’t wanna hear,
Dsus4 If its something that you [don’t wanna A see,]
E Keep your mouth shut, and D don’t criticize me!

V2 Sometimes, people come up to me,
ORGAN 8vb And try to tell me, how they think I should be, but they don’t know me.


GUITAR SOLO A ( X 6 ) 1-4-5

V3 ORGAN 8vb Sometimes, people don’t like the way I roll…they can be so cold.
Sometimes, people wanna take control…mmmmmm

CHORUS E Keep your mouth shut, and D don’t criticize me! (X 3)


All The Time

Written By: Nolan Garrett

INTRO F# / B ( X 2 ). *NO KEYS

V1 F# People have such high B expectations, F# attention spans have B quick expirations.
ORGAN: F# Bein’ good just don’t B cut it anymore, F# we just to be the best not B better than before.

C# But the beautiful B thing, is C# we are human B being, yea’. B7

CH F# My picture ain’t perfect [in you’re A# mind], neither are you but [that’s all D#m right]
I wouldn’t even start to B try…just worry about living your life. F#
F# Through all this [I hope you A# see], no one should tell you [how to D#m be,]
I wouldn’t even start to B try, we don’t gotta be perfect [all the time]…

V2 ORGAN: Messing’ ups in every [generation], we do wrong without [ hesitation,]
Looking back, what we do is pretty strange, I guess its part of life and that’ll never change.

But the beautiful [thing] , is we are human being, yea’

CHORUS / F# - D#m

BR G#m And the beautiful D#m thing, is G#m that we’re human D#m being.
G#m We can learn from B every mistakes,
We only F# live the life we D#m make…B so be sure to be al right…

CHORUS (1st Half Broke Down) Sweep….B. (2 Punches)


Written By: Nolan Garrett


V1 Gm I would tell you, the Cm way I feel…but I Eb don’t know, don’t know myself that D well.
Gm But I do know, I Cm could never do…with Eb seeing you, with D somebody else.

V2 We might call it love, but how can you tell, when you never, never felt this way before.
[ All I can see] is you in my dreams, so I know that it must be something more…

CH Eb I’m not one for Bb pretty words, or D singing songs about [love] Gm – F - Eb
Eb I’m not a guy who would Bb use a verse to D try and trip you [up] Gm – F - Eb
Eb But what I’ll do is Gm care for you, D be the one you [trust] Gm – F - Eb
Eb …and I D hope that its Gm enough.

Interlude Gm / Cm / Eb / D

V3 The time we spend, will it helps me understand, just what it is, what it is…we have.
When will it end? It would be so hard [to be friends], when I think of all the good things
that we’ve had…


BRIDGE Cm Ups and downs, and broken hearts…no Eb easy way around.
Cm If we give and take and not Gm let it break…Eb [how could love us Down] F

CHORUS / F---- Gm - Cm - Eb - D / …and I hope that its enough Gm / Cm / Eb / D

A Little Bit of You

Written By: Nolan Garrett



V1 E7 Every got friends that are there to pick you up, maybe just to hang until to see what’s up?
Am Always got a smile for you no matter what your point of view,
E7 Your always there when times get tough…
ORGAN - E7 Lately things been changing, [you ain’t been the same,]
Am You been brining me down its been giving you a real bad name.
Oh your always talking smack, [oh you’re always talking back]
E7 And you know its been [getting kind of lame.]

CH B I cant take another A day…[a little bit of you goes a long way.] E

V2 I gotta fix this mess cuz I still want you around,
but I gotta see you less cuz your acting like a clown.
Maybe you can redeem yourself, [put your pride up on the shelf,]
I guess there’s not much left to say…


GUITAR SOLO E ( 1-4-5 ) / BASS SOLO (Wammy Gtr / Riffin’ Organ)


I Know

Written By: Nolan Garrett

I KNOW F#m (ORGAN). Jam intro: F#m-E-B

V1 F#m Something’s happening that Bm I don’t understand,
E I’m in a place where I just F#m don’t think I can.
F#m Make sense of all the Bm changes coming at me E I fear I’ll be someone I F#m don’t wanta be

PRE Who says we can’t Bm [be this way forever?]
E If we all have to F#m change, lets [make it for the better.]
F#m So we hard to go through life Bm [begging not to care,] E. Who said it had to be unfair F#m

CH F#m [I A. know, C#m I know]…someday I’ll be gone. [DESC ORGAN DORIAN. F#]
F#m Ill A go, I’ll E go…somehow it feels so wrong.


V2 More than a monster , more than a beast…always hungry, always looking to feed.
More than a simple feeling I can control, before the mountain years have taken their toll.

PRE / CHORUS ( X 2 ).

BR OUT. A Moving C#m forward, to F#m keep this state of E mind…
BACK [FadeIn]. A I’m going C#m backward in my F#m race against E time.

GUITAR SOLO F#m / A / C#m - F#m / A / E - CHORUS (OUT) F#m

I Can't Imagine

Written By: Nolan Garrett


INTRO ORGAN: Bm / A / F#m / G ( X 2 ) STRINGS: B-A-F#-D

V1 You, would never believe…how much you’d be missed if you were to get up and leave.
ORGAN And I, would never be the same…knowing the fact I could never see you again.

CH [ I can’t Imagine] Bm. / A / F#m / G
Not having you by my side, the thought of you being gone [ I think I’d rather die.]
[I can’t Imagine]
Not being with you night and day, whenever these thoughts cross my mind this is what I say.
[I can’t Imagine]


V2 ORGAN. And you, would never believe, all of things that would fall apart, including me.
So I, lie awake at night…praying and hope everything will be alright.

CHORUS {Strings} / GUITAR SOLO {Organ}

CHORUS { Double Octaves Organ }

OUTRO Watch Nolan for going OUT then back IN

I'll Do Anything For You (The Ketchup Song)

Written By: Nolan Garrett


INTRO. 2nd Part of Phrase. E (Single note on ORGAN)

V1 E You, drive me crazy every day. I never know what to say, I guess I’ll start by saying A hey.
PRE. You know I B want to make you Dbm [happy] E . A So baby B [listen while I E Try…]
E I want to dance with you [one day] chances are you’ll probably A say…no way, no way…
PRE: A You know I B want to make you Dbm [happy]E . A So baby, B [listen while I E try…]

CH Dbm You say A jump, [I say how E high] B . Dbm I’ll put A ketchup [ on your E fries] B
Dbm I’ll do anything A [you want me to ] E do.B Dbm I just wanna be,A [stuck like Eglue] withB

V2 [ I, not so very good with words ] . I don’t know how to flirt,
But you seem to like me and that works.
You know I want to make you [happy]. So baby [listen while I Try…]

[…Db with you A , with E you B ….I’ll do anything for E you!]

…E anything for you, yea’…anything for you…anything for you. (FADE OUT?)

J O H N HE N R Y (Bonomassa Cover: ORGAN ) EM7--G--A. /. Em7-G-A-B

House Of Mirrors

Written By: Nolan Garrett

INTRO (GTR) Ebm / Bb / B / Gb

V1 GTR ONLY I’m trapped, ain’t got no place to go. Stuck on a path that really is not my own.
I think I’m different, but I still feel the same…to everybody else I’m just another name.

CH PIANO ENTERS Ab And every I step I take pulls me Ebm where I was before,
Ab I’m stuck in a house of mirrors and I Bb just can’t find the door.
Ebm I’m going down to the OUT Gb place I wanna be, Ab best stay out of my way Bb or you will

V2 GTR ONLY I hear people talkin’ all the time. I think they’ve got me figured, got me categorized.
I just wanna be myself forget about everything else, PIANO: Desc. Gb - F Eb
Show everybody out there I just ain’t another book on the shelf…

CHORUS …that I Ebm won’t be stopped throw Gb anything at me, Ab don’t really matter what it is,
Bb…I only care about being free!

GUITAR Ebm / Gb / Ab / Bb (SaxSolo). X2
…Ab And it feels like it Eb won’t be long, B before the world finds out they Bb read me wrong,
…Ab Its about time I Ebm took a stand, B I’m the president of my life...Bb leave protect my land…

CHORUS: Ebm. Gb. Ab. Bb FADE. PIANO. / OUT: Ebm / Gb / Ab / Bb ( X 1). IN: Ebm

The Light

Written By: Nolan Garrett



V1 Oh I was walking, down the street one day. RIFF: E-D-C-G When a bright light way got in my eye
The question people ask me everday RIFF: Am everyday. Is why did I go and now,…survived?

CH [Am There’s a light at the C end of the G tunnel E ,]
But Am people don’t C go ‘round [no G more…E no more.]
[ Am There’s a light at the C end of the G tunnel E ,]
But Am people C don’t know what G its for? E


V2 As I approached ,the tunnel, everything became clear, Somehow I knew, yes I knew…[just why I was here.] I knew the journey would be long, [so long]...But sometimes you just have to be strong.


BRIDGE Hold Am (First Time) - Am / G / E ( X 3 ) - Am / C / G / E ( X 2 )
Oh, I’m stuck in the tunnel, and I hope I never get out,
Things in here, I know them by heart... Its an endless journey, I knew from the start,
But sometimes we all just need to have, you’ll have to depart…


End Road

Written By: Nolan Garrett

INTRO Dm / C - Dm7 – C ( X2 )

V1 [ RIFF: Dm7 / G – F ]
You come back to me to fix whats’ been done and I say no,
You crawl back to me, you wanna be friends and I say go.
We once were tight, but not anymore [and we were friends,]. VOX Desc- C.BA.F
You wanna make it up to me, and I say stop this is the end *STOP*

CH Bb [It’s the Gm end of the Dm7 road]…Bb you can Gm stop [but I will Dm7 go. C]
Bb [It’s the Gm end of the Dm7 road]…Bb no matter how how long it C takes me [going A fast
Dm or slow…]
V2 Why you still trying to talk to me? All you trying to do, is make me feel guilty.
You spit on me and [expect me to be fine] all I have to say is go with someone else this time.


GUITAR SOLO Bb / Gm / Dm7. X 3 Bb / C / A. [ORGAN & PIANO. Hold on D]

CHORUS (Dreamy). / Piano Solo. (4 Measures) /. DESC 1/3s on PIANO. (X2) /. ORGAN



1st Album released June 21, 2013
2nd Album currently in the works

Set List

Please contact to discuss.

Manager Raymond Hayden at
Can accommodate 15 to 120 minutes show, all originals.