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Nolan Natasha

 Toronto, Ontario, CAN
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Born in Toronto Canada Nolan Natasha is a completely unique MC. This transgendered rapper captivates his audiences with his deeply personal and bitingly funny rhymes. Nolan "fuses the smart-aleck...attitude of the Beasties with the whimsical storytelling skillz of Buck 65." -Now Magazine.


Though the solo debut from transgender Toronto MC Nolan Natasha is entitled Beginners Luck, the album is anything but. Instead, it's the product of a meticulously honed knack for lyricism, a finely tuned ear for rhythm and the ability to take on the most serious topics with cutting humour and clever insight.

Former front-man of queer punk band Scandalnavia, Nolan branched out on his own in order to find an outlet for the intensely personal subject matter, layed back flow and refreshingly minimal beats that would eventually make up Beginner's Luck

Nolan Natasha's music career began early. At the age of eleven, Nolan would hang out in his cousins basement during band practices and parties and soak up music-nerd chatter about the defining qualities of a great bass line or guitar riff. Later, the tough, proud lyrics of icons such as Queen Latifah, and Salt n Pepa, and the fierce feminist and DIY tell-it-like-it-is spirit of musicians like Kathleen Hannah and Tribe 8 would further shape and fuel his expression. The result is a mix of evocative, heartfelt storytelling and witty lyricism laid down on a deceptively simple and elegant scaffold of homemade beats.

"I've been writing since I was a kid and it's always been about these things. Love makes and breaks me. Through writing this stuff down I get a better sense of what it means to me, where I fit in the world and where I don't. The first time I heard a Bikini Kill record something just snapped into place for me. I understood that I as long as a keep communicating what I think and feel and someone else is connecting with it, then I have community, I'm doing something worthwhile. Once I started to learn the software and began producing beats, I fell in love with that side of things as well."

Like Nolan says in A Bit Gay: "its not much, I made it in garage band with just the thoughts in my head and the beats on hand, its nothing grand. But I was hoping that it might help you understand"

Nolan produced all but two tracks on Beginner's Luck. Friend and renowned DJ Cozmic Cat (named best DJ in Philly) - who's shared the stage with heavy-hitters like Jazzy Jeff, Switch and De La Soul - lends her production skills on "I'll do it tomorrow" and "Work in progress". "Cozmic Cat's beats are so inspirational to me, they don't sound like anything else out there right now. Working with her gave me a boost; from there I had a better sense of the sound that I wanted," Nolan says.

Beginner's Luck is a heart on the sleeve masterpiece with no punches pulled.

The 13 tracks tackle love, loss, gender politics, sexuality and identity; they will make you want to do everything from dance your ass off to drown yourself in a bottle of jack, but you'll stay glued to your headphones, hanging off his every clever word.

"I can't promise this record is going to be up your alley, but I can promise that it isn't like anything you've ever heard."


I'll do it tomorrow (west coast remix)

Written By: Nolan Natasha

I want to take off my pants and eat some chocolate
I want to say knock it off and then I want you to stop it
I had this really hot rhyme, but then I dropped it,
now I lost it, and every time I say something I completely exhaust it.
I seem to have trouble with silent spaces
The intricate details and the comfortable places
the subtleties and beauty only come through in traces
while I go on and on and on as my mind races
through back alleys, swing sets and backseats
my feet are moving quickly but my heart hardly beats
and it feels like I’ve lost you so I’ll just except defeat
Cause I’m tired and anxious and need something to eat
I’ll get two slices of pizza with six pieces of meat
Then I’ll pop in a porno and put up my feet.
Cause for today I'm a man with nothing to do
and the last thing that I want is to think more about you.

Cause I’ve got shit my mouth that I can't chew
I’ve got a picture in my head that you once drew.
I got lies in my pocket and bag full of sorrow
Yeah, I got shit to do, but I'll just do it tomorrow.
I got shit to do, but I'll just do it tomorrow
I got shit to do, but I'll just do it tomorrow

Been watching TV all day, too cross eyed to cry
Ate six cans of baked beans and I’m not even high
My girlfriend left again, not even she knows why
said something about bad sex and she hates that I’m a guy
Eating junk food again at 12:20 am
Ya you, are you listening? Will you be my friend?
Cause to tell you the truth, I’ve been kind of lonely
Think I'd feel okay if someone would just hold me

You know how people get more beautiful over time?
like how lines sound best when they only almost rhyme?
Its a sort of indescribable intangibility
like when something’s romantic at the same time that it's filthy
If I had a 9 to 5 job I’d just throw it away
And I know what I meant but I don't mean what I say
See, I'm sad that it's over, but I was tired any way
In fact...I’ll still take that ride if your going my way

Cause I got no pride left and it's clear I’m short on morals.
I got to sort this out, but I’ll just do it tomorrow.
I got shit to do, but I'll just do it tomorrow
I got shit to do, but I'll just do it tomorrow

Listen up. Sometimes things aren't quite what they seem,
Like walking up happy from a lottery dream
Like an uncomfortable silence being mistaken for boredom
Or like Quebec city feeling somehow foreign.
I’m a closeted star trek fan and a closet fag
An out heterosexual man constantly on his rag
I’m a hot as fuck, but I really don't like to brag
Wouldn’t mind my tits so much if they just wouldn't sag
I’m overly sensitive and excessively intensive
Totally blank, but all the while I look pensive.
You see I don't have a toothbrush at anyone else place
but it looks like I’m lying, if you look at my face
but that's cause you make my palms sweaty and my heart beat
so when I tell you like you I look at my feet.
cause when you say that it's hopeless it makes me want to barf
but in a different way than when you wear one of those scarfs.
the only way that I can say this stuff out loud,
is if I’m by myself or in front of a crowd.
I had a dream that we said the exact same sentence together
and like a butterfly effect it somehow changed the weather.
You can keep running dear nothings ever gonna change
And that shit is gonna catch up to you one of these days
So give me one good reason, why not to slow down.
Just sit with me a minute, enjoy what's actually around
Cause I've got plenty of time and understanding you can borrow
yeah I got shit to do, but we could do this tomorrow
yeah you got shit to do, but we could do this tomorrow
yeah we got shit to do, but we could just do this tomorrow

work in progress

Written By: Nolan Natasha

Lesbian death bed, Jack Daniels
Can’t eat no more because I think I’m full
To much of a good thing, that ain’t good
To much of a bad thing, knock on wood
I’ve had it baby
Yeah that’s it
Time to clear the air and chop off my tits
Cause you love me so much that you push me away
Got to find love in the hurtful things you say.
And you know what?
I just realized today that I deserve better
but I guess it’s a bit late
to realize something important like that
But I guess its never to late to face facts
That loving someone with all your heart ain’t really enough
you know it’s just a start

I’m gonna start start
gonna make mine
gonna start over
gonna do it right this time

gonna start from scratch go back to who I was
when I became me whenever the fuck that was
gonna follow my heart and trust my gut
cause you know what?
I don’t really give a fuck
gonna be a tranny boy
gonna be a girl
what else you got? come on!
I’ll give it a whirl
Cause I’m a dyke, fag, porno star
I’m a millionaire in a shit box car
just spent my last million fixing my breaks
now its dinner time and I’m eating grapes
and I’m perving at girls on the internet
can’t decided if I’m hard or if I’m wet
well I guess I’m both
roll a joint, take tokes
then sit in a chair with the phone in my hand
decided if I should call her
or if I can
but ultimately I just put the phone down
grab a spray can, my boy and hit the town
cause me and him you know
we hear similar sounds
and she gets what I’m saying when I’m putting it down
and at dawn when the city is covered in paint
my chest will burn but my heart will feel great
cause the shit I just did
I did for me
and I feel best when I express honestly
the stuff that comes from inside of my heart
and its not everything
but it’s a start

I’m gonna start start
gonna make mine
gonna start over
gonna do it right this time


Beginner's Luck
--1/4 inch records, 2009

--crunks not dead compilation, 2007

Your Crazy Get Away From Me I Love You I'll Call You
--self released EP, 2007

Set List

Anything from a couple songs to get your party pumping to a full hour of lyrical acrobatics and compelling storytelling.