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Nolan Wilson

Smartt, Tennessee, United States | INDIE

Smartt, Tennessee, United States | INDIE
Duo Americana Singer/Songwriter


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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Keeping the "LIVING ROOM" in the music"

This husband and wife duo know how to keep the "LIVING ROOM" in their music. Too often these days songwriters work so hard at writing a hit song or the perfect hook line that they often forget that the real people that listen to music just want it to be, well real. They want to relate to it and feel like they can live or have lived the song. That is what this duo brings to the stage at every show. - Inside The Song

"REVIEWS OF THE SONG "MONA LISA"" Reviews of “Mona Lisa”

This was a deep country song. There was a man, and there was a woman singing in this melody. There was an acoustic guitar playing aloud while they were singing. The song began to grow on me a little, and it touched me in different ways. The lyrics in the chorus were singing about how Mona Lisa smiles. The two seemed like a good pair when it came to singing. It was a good ole country song, and I was pleased with it.

The start of the track is slow and intriguing….. The chorus was catchy,

This song seems to be very nice because of its calm rhythm and peaceful atmosphere. The melody played mainly by guitars with the slow, but rhythmic
tempo makes me feel relaxed. It's a nice track. The vocals are very pleasant. Strong, confident voice of first singer makes me feel very calm and safe.
The second voice of a girl is very nice add and fulfills the whole with a great aspect. Lyrics are easy and pretty cool to listen. The whole kept in a
country genre is original and I'm sure this track will find many fans through people in every age.

The guitar beat of this song is fresh. I like the melody of the instrument….. The lyrics have clear words and I can easily detect the chorus of the song.

Awesome song. First of all you need to heave a large sigh…..Excellent link to the refrain. This particular track is certainly the greater a single. Great beat. Really boosts the element. Great drums. Awesome piano.

If you like a slow ballad with a dreamy sound then this one is for you. The deep voice of the artist is particularly appealing with a catchy tune and good lyrics.
I would expect this to be a hit not only in America and UK, but would have appeal throughout Europe also.

I usually don't like this kind of music, but the instrumentation really catch my interest. The chords are so attractive; I can't help but listen to the song. It
is totally the greatest part of the song. The instrumentation is almost hypnotizing. I can't even focus on the lyrics. The vocals flow nicely with the melody.
The talent is huge because this instrumentation is so good great and the
potential is big in the country side of society. The overall song pretty good and you can thank the instrumental for that. I can't express enough about how much I love this instrumentation…..

like the harmonies with the woman’s voice. The man’s vocals are really dark and beautiful and do have a lot of potential.


The Dee Jays from WHD Radio call the Nolan Wilson Project“ a Refreshing breath of fresh musical air”.

They have great harmonies and the voices blend together like butter on a biscuit and goes down as smooth as Tennessee sipping whiskey.
- Hound Dog Radio


The new CD by the NOLAN WILSON PROJECT is a MUST HAVE for any true music lover. Country to moderate rock and rollers (ala The Eagles) will love the melodies and harmonies on this CD.

It is a full 16 tracks of original music that will blow your socks off. Everything from traditional country with banjo and pedal steel to distorted rock guitars. Something for everyone.

There is one track with the lead vocals featuring KIMBERLEY DAHME (bassist for the band BOSTON), a great country tune which was co-authored by Ms Dahme and the Nolan Wilson Duo.

The CD is packaged to remind you of an old album both in pacakaging and the disc its self which is black vinyl complete with grooves.

This is a REAL KEEPER!!!!!!
- CD Baby


2012 - LOVE STORY - All Original Full Instrumentation
2008 - ALL ACCESS - CD with 16 Original Songs
2008 - BETWEEN CLASSIC ROCK AND A HARD PLACE 10 Original songs as Nolan Wilson and the band RANSOM
2000 - TAKE IT SLOW - CD with 10 Original Songs
1998 - FORGETTING TO REMEMBER - CD with 14 Original Songs
1998 - AN ACOUSTIC CHRISTMAS - Christmas Standards
1996 - CHRISTMAS TO YOU - 4 Song Original EP

Each of these CDs is getting heavy airplay overseas and via the internet. Christmas To You won Christmas CD of the year in 1996 for the Online Country Talent Awards



Born in Brooklyn and raised on Long Island, Donna does most of the lyrics for the Nolan Wilson duo and holds down the percussion and occasional bass lines and half of the vocals. She is a BMI Published songwriter and just a plain overall happy person who loves life and family and music IS her life. Though trained as a paralegal, Donna would much rather be spending her time on her passion, writing and performing music.

Greg hails from the prairies of the mid-west and is a road veteran from way back having toured from the east coast to the western United States and falling in love with the beauty that is this great country. Greg can play everything from Keyboards to drums and handles the guitar portion of the Nolan Wilson duo and the phenomenally heartfelt male vocals. You will be amazed at the vocal range he has and the ability to make you "feel" the song.

Together Donna and Greg make up the highly successful Nolan Wilson duo and share their special blend of country, folk and rock with their audiences their unique version of life through song.

2012 found the duo releasing their most powerful CD project to date drawing on the love and adversity that married life can bring. A major tour as well as another CD is planned for 2012.

Nolan Wilson proudly endorse Martin Guitars, LR Baggs Electronics, Dunlap Strings and Accessories, Rack Mount Concepts Cases and Shure Mics and In Ear Monitors.

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