BandR&BHip Hop

The music is modern high energy R & B with a slight blend of rap. The lyrics are based on real life scenarios concerning the love and attraction an individual has toward his or her mate.



Singing in my neighborhood church, I started my musical journey as a child. I was in the church choir, which I remained a member of until adulthood. Originally, I was a background tenor vocalist. Later I became a lead singer of the choir.

As a teenager, I began to sing ballads at weddings and parties upon request. I started writing my own material as a teenager. I write and produce all of material personally. My heart is in my music, and my music is in my heart. I love singing and performing. When I am in the studio and on stage, I put every energy I have into my passion of creating the ultimate music.

For the Mississippi Experience, which I co-headlined with Recognition and Da Menace on Labor Day in Jackson, I added a rapper and dancer. They compliment me very well. Now I no longer just sing. I give concerts. My rapper drops some lyrics on one of my new cuts. He places the icing on the cake. I have a coographer who caters a stage routine for my music to match my personality and the flow of what I am feeling in each song.

I take considerble pride in what I do and keep humbleness at my forefront. I recently joined with ICE Marketing to get my material out there and to go to the next level. With God, ICE and my stage manager Portia, I feel that I have a bright future. Visit me at



Rock Them Hips

Set List

I typically do 20 minutes sets of all original music.