No Lesser Beauty

No Lesser Beauty


NLB is a hard hitting, party-driven, good time band. They party hard and play louder, keeping the energy high...except, of course, when they want to slow it down for a few well-placed "panty" songs (yes, these boys do love their ladies!).


No Lesser Beauty is a hard hitting, wild and loud band bringing their own brand of “wild Mississippi rock” to any club, venue, festival, etc. NLB is a band driven by their audience and will go to every length to ensure that the crowd is just as energized. They strive to uphold the motto of “You paid for a show, so a spectacle is what you’ll get…” and more. Hailing from Jackson, MS, NLB is working hard to expand their markets and look forward to playing a city, club, strip joint…err…college, festival or backyard near you!

Currently putting the finishing touches on their debut album titled “Strip It Down” (due early-mid spring 2009), NLB started the year off with a bang. Grabbing up three top awards in the annual Jackson Free Press “Best Of” voting (Best Original Band, Best Rock Artist, Best Singer/Songwriter) NLB is looking to capitalize on the momentum by making 2009 a top year for the band by increasing performances and hitting the streets fast and hard when the album drops! NLB has also enjoyed opening opportunities for such bands as Breaking Benjamin, Atomship, Thornley, Element Eighty, The American Tragedy, and many others. Not to mention, NLB shared the stage with many great local and regional acts, even forming what essentially was a touring partnership with fellow rockers Absence of Concern in both band's earlier years.

Since 2001, No Lesser Beauty has been steadily growing in their hometown. Though a few of the faces have changed over the years, the band is proud of the bond between them and the music that has resulted.

“I personally am thrilled to be able to get to perform and write with such a talented and diverse group of individuals,” says Rainey.

And diverse they are! Jeremy Rainey (lead vocalist/guitars) has influences ranging from Metallica, Motley Crue, and Ozzy to Buckcherry and Bush to John Coltrane, Vaughn Nark, and various other jazz and blues musicians as well as classical training for good measure. Tyler Brady (bass/vocals) plays with the best of them because of his studies of Cliff Burton, John Myung, and numerous other as well as his wide tastes in music (Opeth, Dream Theater, Porcupine Tree, etc.). Russ McGuffee (guitars/vocals) is the heavy metal shredder of the group getting his chops from studying the greats of the 80’s like Poison, Ratt, Dokken, Motley Crue, Queensryche, The Scorpions, Yngwie Malmsteen, Iron Maiden, Randy Rhoads…you get the picture. Then you have Bernie Brenneman (drums) bringing a more punk/modern feel into the group, getting his influences from Foo Fighters, Kings of Leon, The All-American Rejects, Rise Against, and Straylight Run.

However you wish to add it up, No Lesser Beauty is a rock solid, no-holds-barred, ladies throw you underwear, good-time-fueled band! With the anticipation of their upcoming release, NLB is ready to hit the road and earn themselves a quaint, maybe even hungover, place in everyone’s heart!

As our good friends in Twisted Sister say (and yes, please ignore Dee Snider when he scratches his head and asks “Who the hell are they?”): ARE YOU READY TO ROCK?!?


Strip It Down

Written By: Jeremy Rainey

I'm a giver, I'm a taker, I'm a user, I'm a lover
Been called a cheater, liar at one time or another
But no one can satisfy you the way that I can

I see your sexy hips as they're working the crowd
The devil down inside wants to come out and prowl
I watch you lick your lips as your point your fingers my way

Whoa! Here we go!
Turn it up and strip it down now come my way
Whoa! Here we go!
Now I see you as you're coming back to me

We hit the ground running it was ninety-to-nothing
The scratches on my back just a sign of our lovin'
I love the dirty things that your whisper into my ear

All the biting, clawing, screaming at the top of our lungs
Just two predators on opposite sides of the hunt
There's nothing like bringing this animal on out to play!

© 2009 No Lesser Beauty. All Rights Reserved.

This Perfect Memory

Written By: Jeremy Rainey

Will today be the day that you find yourself?
The place where you once laid is empty and cold
The burden I made you bear, the cross I made you share
The memory of what's left to hold

I'm falling down
I'm screaming out
Hope you turn around and come back to me
I'm holding on to this perfect memory

Another day, another lie in your eyes
What's deep down inside you just can't control
All of the things we said
The tears I watched you shed
I watch this pain unfold


All alone I'm not as strong
As I am with you I can carry on
Do we have to go through this again?
Through the lies we had it all
But you turned on me again


© 2009 No Lesser Beauty. All Rights Reserved.


"Stigmata"- Rock 93.9 airplay
"Lost"- Rock 93.9 airplay
"Strip It Down"- Rock 93.9 airplay

"Strip It Down" - 2009 (currently unreleased)

Songs are available on our myspace at :

Set List

NLB can modify their shows to fit the venue as needed, from all cover to all original and everything in between.

Strip It Down
Let It Ride
Till Death Do Us Part
This Perfect Memory
Coming Home
Rustic Man
Tattoos 'n' Angels
Into the Arms of the Monster

Covers (when necessary):
Nothing But A Good Time
Crazy Train
Sharp Dressed Man
Round and Round
Summer of '69
Free Fallin'
Right Now (SR-71)
Every Rose Has Its Thorn
Enter Sandman
Midnight Rider
Cat Scratch Fever
Wanted Dead or Alive
If You Could Only See
Fight For Your Right (to Party)
Keep Your Hands To Yourself
Turn The Page
Colorful- Verve Pipe
My Own Worst Enemy
and many more!!

No Lesser Beauty will perform up to three (3) sets for 45 min-1 hour per set, unless otherwise specifically negotiated by promoter or venue.