We are a Mid-West original metal band. With crunchy guitars & melodic melodies. Catchy songs that leave the crowed want ind more & more.


Influenced from the likes of Godflesh, Tool, Deftones, Metallica, and many more, No Loving Place has been creating an unstoppable buzz in the Midwest. NLP performs to sold-out crowds and leaves them wanting more of their powerful, cut-throat, heavy metal sound. Formed in 1999, No Loving Place has performed with several national acts such as Sevendust, American Head Charge, Everlast, 30 seconds two mars, drowning pool, adema & In this moment. NLP has played some of the best clubs the Midwest has to ofter including, the twin cities First Avenue, The Quest & Milwaukee's The Rave.The NLP line-up includes Tony Stamm on vocals, Rick St.Germaine on guitar, Rich Till on guitar, Lance Harris on bass, and Brad Hanson on drums. NLP is defined by its powerful vocals, crunchy head banging guitar riffs, melodic overtones and bass driven grooves. Releasing two albums to satisfy the hunger of their loyal fan base has resulted in selling more than 2,000 CDs and countless stickers and t-shirts. After the craze for their last album release through Minneapolis, MN based Oarfin Records, NLP readies for the next step, going national.


2001 Demo
2003 Self titles
2006 Hatred & the lust EP
2010 Coming soon!

Set List

We have a 35 original songs to chose from. We can play two hours if need be.