Ortisei, Trentino-Alto Adige, ITA

Noluntas is an art project which wants to motivate people to take time and listen/watch to real and honest music! We think the mass production and permanent availability of music flooding the market leads to the disinterest of the listener. Blunted by the speed of modern life, the public is numbed.
Our band Nolunta’s, based in the Dolomite Mountains in Italy, is working against the stream, striving to perfection, which is also predicated in their label.


This band is named after the theory of Arthur Shopenhauer, who describes the impossibility of happiness. In their music, Nolunta's are able to put themselves in the state of pure contentment. Through DjambĂŠ, Steirische , mandolin and ukulele Nolunta's create a unique tone, which connects old with new, and new with never seen before...
Nolunta's create their melodies and lyrics from their own experiences in life and from reflections of the simplicity of nature itself. Their music has been to several different places such as:
Gasometer (Vienna, Austria)
Rock im Ring (Ritten, Italy)
Mein Haus am See (Berlin, Germany)
Satchmo Club (Maribor, Slovenia)
Sota la Zopa Festival (Tonadico, Italy)
Luxor (KĂśln, Germany)
Live Music Cafe (Brussels, Belgium)
Piper Club (Rome, Italy)
Nolunta's united in March and since then they were able to play more than 150 concerts. Almost a logical consequence, that after only 6 months from the bands formation, they recorded and published their first album in April 2012.
With their own compositions, Nolunta's were able to play in different countries in Europe. Their distinctive appearance and unforgettable voice will haunt their audience and won't allow them to free themselves from it. After their success in their home country, the 6 musicians try to expand their music to other European countries and farther away.


The Art

Written By: Nolunta's

something is missing at this time
something that cleans up all your grine
the world is troubled enough
to live on it you have to be tough

but there's something that helps you change
and it seems weird or probably strange
but this something is filling up your heart
this thing i mean is the art

ohh ohh ohh ohh

but there's something that helps you change
and it seems wierd or probably strange
but this something is filling up your heart
this thing i mean is the art

ohh ohh ohh ohh

Pleasures of my Mind

Written By: Nolunta's

Night i see this
working on it
constantly fallin
to the pleasures of my mind

switching from
looking forward
to find the key
to the pleasures of my mind

one day i find
on the streetside
a coin to buy some
pleasures of my mind

sitting down on
the parkbench outside
and get a pint
of the pleasures of my mind

REF: and i said u are swinging me
into the world of the reverie
youre the navigation to the sea
running over a endless bridge
and i'm seeing every day
as a timber made of roses trees
running on the way to the happiness
and never stop smiling and dancing

waking up
the sun is shining
an i'll start smiling
to the pleasures of my mind

looking in your eyes
kissing your lips
running with you
to the pleasures of my mind

Stand against the Storm

Written By: Nolunta's

no lightnings no floods no avalanches
could ever move him from where he stands
no war no death no human forces
could ever move him from where he stands

standing alone in the middle of a field
the afternoon sun makes his leafs glisten
wind in his crone causes silent thwistle
he gives you no need to speak just to listen

REF: the art consoles when love can't no longer
he tries to stand against the storm

hundret of years does it need
for a tree like this to grow
never oh never he will tell you
but you already know


Nolunta's - DEMO (August 2011)
Nolunta's - rising circles (April 2012)