Noly is the new face of R&B. Already drawing comparisons to Maxwell, Donell Jones, Musiq, and Eric Benet, this artist is definitely one to watch.


It started with a mixtape I got in the 5th grade. I was introduced to LL Cool J, Whodini, Whistle, New Edition, & Troop among others. From then on I was hooked. Urban music became a huge part of my life. I later became involved in dance crews, tagging, and secretively…singing. At first, my dream was to be a backup dancer for a major performer. Little did I know I had something different waiting in store.

I'm a senior in high school chillin' at the basketball courts watching my girlfriend at drill team practice. I'm singing a little something under my breath not knowing that my buddy just overheard me. He asks me to join this singing group he's in. After that day, my life changed forever.

Since then I've performed up and down the west coast. I’ve done shows for and with some of urban music's best acts from Diana Ross to Tyrese, Jazz (Dru Hill) to Ginuwine. Eventually, I got signed and even released a CD of my own. I was introduced to the music industry with all its “ups and downs”…and loved every minute of it. But suddenly, the music I loved was being turned into a circus act / fashion show. And after a few years, the “downs” started to outnumber the “ups” so I took a break from music.

One day my best friend & I are kickin' it, talking about starting up an R&B/Soul band and how dope that would be. It took some time, but we finally got a band together. This band was the reason I got back to where I belong...up on the stage behind a microphone. I'm glad they did, too, because it felt so good to be back. Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end, and in time, so did the band. But these talented musicians did something special before we parted ways. They reminded me why I began singing in the first place, by focusing on what really mattered: the music.

So here I am again, back on my own. I’m in the studio preparing to record another album. Except this time things are a little different. I know enough now to avoid those “downs” that pushed me away from music back then and I’ve experienced enough “ups” to keep me motivated. It looks like it's time to put to use everything I've learned from all the shows, all the rehearsals, all the studio time, and all the time I spent listening to that mixtape I got back in the 5th grade.


Eclecticurbanflow (Kamikaze Records 2003)