Nomads of the Nook

Nomads of the Nook


The Nomads of the Nook are Florida! When you hear us you'll understand. We were all born and raised in Englewood, FL and we're just trying to stay cool. Our lyrics speak of the things we observe around us and the sound reflects the sun and surroundings in a way today's music lovers can relate to.


In a strange coincidence, three disciples of the Temple of Funk, born under respective bad signs, landed in the lazy-ass town of Englewood. As fellow reggae-ninjas, they felt they had to carry on the tradition of Irie schnitt in this sub-tropical tourist trap. Thus, Nomads of the Nook were born.
To categorize the Nomads is nearly impossible as they try to incorporate all of the styles that influence them. Originally, it was relatively simple-funky reggae all the way. But as time passed, a wider spectrum of musical interests came along with each individual member of the band. Heavy rock kept the music intense, progressive worked the brains, and the almighty jam is the portal into the minds of the musicians. With an established sound, the Nomads can now crank out songs daily if necessary.
The inspiration truly comes out of this beach town of Englewood. Animals, streets, and recreational activities inspire new tunes. Every sound that comes out of the band’s instruments is intended to reflect what the song is about. Each member lives in a different part of the town - making them Englewood familiars. Zac has the white-trash, deserted part of North Englewood, Tyler has the wealthy beach community of Cape Haze, and Brett has the signature East-side suburbs. The town manages to remain dig-able by the Nomads.
Nomads refers to the band's traveling musical interests. As nomads, they will always be moving. Nook refers to the town of Englewood. Not a city that gets the attention of the traveling folk, but accepted to the citizens as a functioning social establishment. The Nomads hope to bring life to Englewood in the form of pride in the area we live in.


Delroy's Funky Chicken & Waffle

Written By: Nomads of the Nook

Delroy's Funky Chicken, Chicken and waffles,
and if you hungry come on in

Walking down the streets of a generation
scarred by discrimination, looking for something free
You know I'm, trampled down, by a youth that's screaming
without a single mother-funking reason, trying just to keep it funky

I remember a place and time when life was just about the rhyme
we didn't have to fuss or fight and pondered on the sunshine,
took a second to appreciate the world once made by cosmic apes,
that generates our quandaries and justifies our stupid pleas
I sit back and look for the silo of C4 to ensure the new global order
and I apply forthwith and accomplish it, by comin' up with psychedelic funky shit

Delroy's Funky Chicken, Chicken and waffles,
and if you hungry come on in

Pelican Shores

Written By: Nomads of the Nook

Livin' in the wood trying to be something but
The dumb ass everybody told me that I was
Livin' for the B-grades in the passing blunts
constantly, raising me up.
I was raised upon the 776,
Riding back and forth nothing left to miss
Cruising Manasota beach road aimless
Passing blunts back and forth to the sublime mix

So don't you waste, your time, because I
Don't need your sympathy, and I've got, my religion,
Smoking sensimilla now,
Cruising Manasota, the only place, place that I want to call my home
The only place I want to be.

Always up to no good escaping consequence,
Keeping me looking for my consciousness
Rapidly fading as I watch myself waste in vain,
And I begin to go insane,
Lazy but I always mean well
Depending on my stash, always losing to hell
Useless but I'll go before you ever can tell
I'm a contradiction conflicting myself.


Drooling Ibis

Written By: Nomads of the Nook (w/ Joe Higgs chorus)

The Drooling Ibis walked up
He was looking messed up
With a grin on his face
Like he was from outter space
And he didn't have any place
To call his own
To call his own...

Drool dripping down his chin
From an eighth of psylosybin
He was looking for some funky bread
Even though he wants fish instead
Running from Fred again
So he doesn't wind up dead...

-Steppin' Razor Chorus-
I'm like a steppin' razor
Don't you watch my size
I'm dangerous, dangerous

I'm like a steppin' razor
Don't you watch my size
I'm dangerous, dangerous...


2 Sessions 1 CD: As of July 2008, we have recorded one full length CD with 11 originals and a Primus cover. Tracks from this as well as some others can be found on our website.

We are currently working on a new CD which will highlight our evolution towards the more progressive Nomadic sound. Keep your eyes out in the near future...

Set List

Our show can be as long as 3 sets, 4 hours total and consists of reggae, ska, progressive rock and straight rock ' roll. When playing shorter sets we can fit in anywhere, with set-lists consisting of one or all of our genres as needed.
We mainly prefer to play as much original music as possible. However, we do play a few covers from: Cream, Hendrix, Sublime, Ween, Primus, Bob Marley and even Dr. Dre.