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Nomads of the Nook


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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Quote from Dan Toler (formerly of The Allman Bros, etc.)"

"Wow, these kids really got their own thing here. Not to mention they remind me of myself when I was their age..." - On Nomads of the Nook

"Funky chicken and waffles..."

I grew up on Detroit punk, found my way into the hippie festival circuit, and, upon moving south, fell in love with swamp funk. My music collection is expansive and eclectic, to say the least. Imagine my surprise when I first heard the Nomads of the Nook. These guys are able to hit and mix diverse genres resulting in a euphonic 16 track demo that drips with heavy reggae funk, garage rock-skate punk, and Florida humidity. Finally, a band that satisfies all of my wants and needs, yet still leaves me insatiably craving more.

And their live show is even more sticky sweet......

A must see! - Melissa Callatree

"Shake what your mama gave ya!"

Quote from live show attendee:

"Best boogie I've had in a ridiculously long time!" - Marie Tripp


2 Sessions 1 CD: As of July 2008, we have recorded one full length CD with 11 originals and a Primus cover. Tracks from this as well as some others can be found on our website.

We are currently working on a new CD which will highlight our evolution towards the more progressive Nomadic sound. Keep your eyes out in the near future...



In a strange coincidence, three disciples of the Temple of Funk, born under respective bad signs, landed in the lazy-ass town of Englewood. As fellow reggae-ninjas, they felt they had to carry on the tradition of Irie schnitt in this sub-tropical tourist trap. Thus, Nomads of the Nook were born.
To categorize the Nomads is nearly impossible as they try to incorporate all of the styles that influence them. Originally, it was relatively simple-funky reggae all the way. But as time passed, a wider spectrum of musical interests came along with each individual member of the band. Heavy rock kept the music intense, progressive worked the brains, and the almighty jam is the portal into the minds of the musicians. With an established sound, the Nomads can now crank out songs daily if necessary.
The inspiration truly comes out of this beach town of Englewood. Animals, streets, and recreational activities inspire new tunes. Every sound that comes out of the band’s instruments is intended to reflect what the song is about. Each member lives in a different part of the town - making them Englewood familiars. Zac has the white-trash, deserted part of North Englewood, Tyler has the wealthy beach community of Cape Haze, and Brett has the signature East-side suburbs. The town manages to remain dig-able by the Nomads.
Nomads refers to the band's traveling musical interests. As nomads, they will always be moving. Nook refers to the town of Englewood. Not a city that gets the attention of the traveling folk, but accepted to the citizens as a functioning social establishment. The Nomads hope to bring life to Englewood in the form of pride in the area we live in.