Nomad SoundSystem

Nomad SoundSystem


With hard-hitting Western dance grooves and soulful North African raï melodies, Berlin-based Nomad SoundSystem mixes ethnic, electric, and eclectic sounds, appealing to club and world music audiences alike.


Nomad SoundSystem chooses different styles for its musical repertoire, as varied as the cultural background of it’s members:
Rai, oriental-electronics, Drum & Bass, Rock, Dub and Gnawa -Trance are merging effortlessly to a highly original urban mixture hard to compare.
Hard hitting western Dance grooves and soulful eastern melodies.

Or was it the other way around?
The handful of SoundNomads first gathered in a practise room in late 2002 and have been on their unusual musical trip ever since, making them a big exception in the European music scene.
Call it ethnic or eclectic, their full on dance performances are definetely electric.The group feels at home on festivals and on clubstages alike,
not getting tired of touring for an ever growing cheerful, dancing audience.

Nomad SoundSystem were presented the newcomer RUTH awards at TFF Rudolstadt in 2005, won the award CREOLE Berlin/Brandenburg 2006 and played support gigs for Rachid Taha, Nitin Sawhney or Transglobal Underground. Their innovative performances, the joy of playing live and a highly unique sound show they are a force to be reckoned with.

ARTE TV feature:

Sidi Khouya

Bedouin Sistas



Summer 2006 single:
„Sidi Khouya“ featuring P.R. Kantate
Label: Stock & Stein / Distribution Groove Attack

May 2007 Release of the album:
“Nomad SoundSystem”
Label: Stock & Stein / Distribution Groove Attack

Oriental Garden Vol. 5 (Lolas World, Release february 2007)
DJ Click Flavor (No Fridge , France 2007)
India Club 3 (High Note Records, Taiwan 2007)
Berlin Calling (Piranha, Germany 2007)

Set List

enough original material for 120 minutes