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Nomad Willy

Grand Rapids, Michigan, United States | SELF

Grand Rapids, Michigan, United States | SELF
Band Blues Soul


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This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


"WMBS Review - August 25, 2008"

"Had the pleasure of seeing Nomad Willie last week at Rocky's on Thurs and later at Joe Martinis on Fri evening; a refreshing repast on a late August evening. Both evenings I walked away fully satiated and content,those blues hit the spot!"....Come hear the blues with me, for the best is yet to
come." Nomad Willie...I await."

Felix Ybarra, President
West Michigan Blues Society
Grand Rapids, Michigan
USA - Felix Ybarra, President

"Under the Radar Pick - August 14, 2008"

"Take a chance on something new. Grand Rapids' newest blues band, Nomad Willy, featuring local musicians nicknamed 'DanO' and 'Preacherman'... Sounds like a sure-thing...if ever there was one."

- Grand Rapids Press - John Sinkevics

"Musician's stage names give them privacy, an air of mystery - July 26, 2009"

Jimmie Stagger. Preacherman. Delilah DeWylde. Weezil Malone.

As familiar as these names may be across West Michigan's music scene, these folks aren't who they say they are.

They've adopted stage names: pseudonyms used for show as part of their acts, not unlike Elton John (real name: Reggie Dwight), Slash (real name: Saul Hudson) or 50 Cent (real name: Curtis James Jackson III).

But why do local musicians far from the high-powered halls of New York, Nashville and Los Angeles feel the need be someone flashier on stage?

Mostly, this play-acting is all about having a little fun, but when I probed a little deeper, some of their answers surprised me. In fact, some musicians talked to me only if I promised not to divulge their real names.

Grand Rapids blues guitarist Jimmie Stagger just didn't think his given surname had the right zip, "unless it was a polka band." Plus, he "didn't want to draw attention" to his family because of some personal issues at the time.

So, round about 1980, a fellow musician suggested Stagger, from the historical figure Stagger Lee, a gunman and subject of a few blues tunes.

"It's worked for me. It's rooted in the blues," he said. "I went with it and it stuck. My name's been that way for so long, I don't even think of myself any other way."

For some musicians, an alias is a matter of protection.

Preacherman, drummer for the Grand Rapids blues band Nomad Willy, first earned his nickname in the mid-1980s when the owner of a California bar where he played quipped, "When you're drumming, it sounds like you're preaching to me."

The nickname spread. But it wasn't until he became a stalking victim -- the stalker was a female fan who eventually was jailed -- that he decided to keep his real identity secret, using only Preacherman in public at gigs. "It taught me a lesson," he said.

The rest of his band -- Molly B, Tazz and DanO -- also uses nicknames. "Especially in the blues field, for so many people, it becomes a stage thing. It's fun. It's an act," he suggested.
- by John Sinkevics | The Grand Rapids Press

"Nomad Willy - March 28, 2009"

Nomad Willy has taken the Blues world by storm, and I am thrilled to have had a hand in the creation of this band.

Molly B is an incredible talent, a Blues legend in the making who has yet to claim her rightful place. It has been gratifying to introduce her to the world of professional Blues musicians. I have watched her seize the stage owned by these exceptional players, and them part the proverbial Red Sea for her.

Nomad Willy was formed to spotlight Molly B, and the band could not exist without my brave brothers, soulful Tazz on bass, and relentless DanO on guitar. - Preacherman Drums

"Nomad Willy at Billy's Lounge - August 15, 2009"

"Nomad Willy is a blues band born of the open mic night at the Intersection nightclub last summer. The core members of Willy were frequent participants who backed up jam hosts Jimmie Stagger and Hank "The Hawk" Mowery. They play a good mix of blues, rock, funk and soul as witnessed by TMGR at the Point Bar on Grand Rapids' west side in March. Nomad Willy features the phenomenal Molly B on vocals. Molly is a natural when it comes to engaging an audience and holding their attention with her beauty and voice. She looks to B incomparable if not unstoppable. Come see for yourself when Nomad Willy plays Billy's Lounge on Saturday May 16. The buzz from music lovers about these guys and gal has always been positive. And it would seem that their schedule reflects this as Nomad Willy looks to be busy with public dates throughout the summer."
-Chet Eagleman Jr.
- Taste Makers Grand Rapids


Currently Recording at The Blues Ranch, Mattawan, Michigan



Nomad Willy burst onto the music scene in the summer of 2008, emerging from the tenacious vision of a transplanted Jazz drummer Doug (Preacherman) Drums, and timely Roots guitarist Dan (DanO) Luttrell. Together they sought and found a soulful bassist Russell (Tazz) Bullen and a superb vocalist Bryan (Boogieman) Fischer

The Grand Rapids Press described the band as "a sure thing." In a few short weeks, Nomad Willy found themselves opening for National Acts and packing local and regional venues.

Nomad Willy's image and sound are universally appealing, and gain them the love, attention, and approval of each audience that they touch with their unique brand of blues, soul, and funk.