No Material

No Material


No Material flies by the hip with a raw, edgy sound that caters to all tastes and brings indescribable energy to every room. Made in the moment and for the moment only, nothing created by no material has ever or will ever be replicated.


"Free Improvisation is almost by definition outsider music, opposed to capitalist business as usual; Free Improvisation doesn't guarantee any particular sound or mood, it produces a question mark rather than a commodity. This unpredictability may deter big-shot promoters and corporate sponsors, but it allows Free Improvisation to create pockets of resistance to commercialism: crucial opportunities for people to meet, interact, conspire. Improv isn't just another style of music, it's a social activity, a node for networking."
-Ben Watson-

No Material is a Boulder based Quintet that is riding the edge of the improvisational music frontier. No originals, no covers, no standards, no limits, No Material. Embark on some rough cuts of music made entirely from the moment, and entirely for the moment. Both the band and audience are absorbed into an eclectic mix of dance, rock, and space. No Material delivers a custom energy that results in all ears listening, and all bodies moving in every room they play. Nothing created by No Material has ever or will ever be played again.

No Material is a spectacle of live performance, No Material is focused to expand their minds and their music through the integration of new music, new people, and new places.


if i had the keys

Written By: stye bateman

where did i put my keys? i felt them in my pocket... and whats with all these genes? i just forgot my wallet... what if i just scream? or should i just stay silent... coffee without cream? voices without talking... am i in the race? or am i still just walking... what is with your face? or should i just stop stalking... justified, nullified, thoughts reside, realized... deli ham, amsterdam, jelly jam, my friend sam... another loop, chicken koop, whats the scoop, lets regroup... far away, place to stay, games we play, choices we made... go along, not for long, nothings wrong, not a song.

off the top

Written By: stye bateman

realize this, expect that, don't miss, don't chat. trust the horse before you ride it, know the price before you buy it. everything here is something... even nothing. people around are smiling, the debt keeps compiling. nothing left worth finding, nothing left thats shining. get your ass to work, and stop with all the whining. peace, grease, least, feast, mine, rhine, fine, sign, blind, time.


Rough Cuts vol1- 2005

Set List

Each night is a collaboration of emotional and musical energy between the band and audience that creates a once in a lifetime experince night in and night out. The music finds its way through dancable funk beats, ambient space, and the highest of rock n' roll peaks encompassed within the thickest of guitar runs, deepest of pocket basslines, and the most driving rythyms around.