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This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


"Space Junkies Magazine"

KNOW MEASURE's debut self-titled EP is mainstream rock. The sound is a mix between Creed and Staind. The lyrics are deep and powerful, especially on "Content." Not all of the songs are depressing; some have quite happy melodies like those in "Change" and "New Day." This is a great mix of songs that run the gamut of emotions without being over dramatic. The vocals on these tracks are extremely radio-worthy as well as the backing instruments.

This band is definitely worth a listen or two (or ten). I think this is a great way to come out of the gate and introduce yourself to the public. It's definitely one of the best bands I've heard in quite a while. If you're tired of hearing the same tunes over and over again on the radio and television and want something new with the same edge, this is the band for you.
[by: Stephanie Deskins]



The self tittled "EP" No Measure is now available through our website along with our merchandise.
Check out their calendar for Sightings of No Measure!

CD Release:
1. Alone
2. Blue Water
3. Change
4. Common
5. Content
6. New Day

1st CD Demo
1. Runaway
2. Life
3. Radio Song
4. Destiny
5. Sleep
6. Thanx


Feeling a bit camera shy


No Measure is moving fast!!

**The Rollercoaster ride for these guys has just started .....

NO MEASURE is certainly a force to be reckoned with. A band like no other, the boys – Fab (drummer), Steve (lead vocals) Geno (lead/rythumn guitar), and Paul (bass guitar/back-up vocals) – came together 9 years ago while still in school. Their hometown of Mississauga might seem quite ordinary, but No Measure has quickly managed to surpass their local counter parts and have finished recording at 'Downstairs At 99 Studio', their sophomore album with Producer: Michael Sarracini (Frozen Ghost, Blue Rodeo, Wild T, Alfie Zapacosta). Released on Wed.23.March.2005.

The band has matured physically, mentally and more important, musically since their inception. When it comes to writing and creating music, No Measure shares the flow and magic of a singer songwriter and with 4 cohesive musicians just think of the possibility. Likewise, their live performances have definite rock ‘n’ roll grandeur; just without the pyro! Inspired by the alternative rock scene No Measure jolts the crowd and their attentive listeners with aggressive, powerful and an innovative on stage presence. Moving and provoking their fans far beyond the generic comes natural to this band.

For the guys in No Measure, family has played an important part in facilitating musical creativity as well as generating and growing their love for music. Virtually every member of No Measure can identify their past with music and the encouragement from family and friends to pursue their dreams at no expense.

Ultimately, no band can exist without the influence of other artists whether past or present. No Measure shares a range of tastes, a palette of variety from the likes of Elvis, Frank Sinatra, Led Zeppelin, U2, Nirvana, Bon Jovi and AC/DC to only name a few.

Take the time to explore the band and check out a live show. You’ll realize what justice the seemingly simple name, No Measure, does for their ability. You’ll think what a perfect description… there is obviously no measure to their musical talent.


STEVE ZAPPA (Vocalist)
The first time Steve stepped foot on stage as a performer and musician, he new this was what he was meant to do for the rest of his life. He immediately felt like a different person, yet so comfortable in his own skin. As a child some might have said he was shy, but you could always find little Steve Zappa belting out songs of the Beatles to Van Halen and was always first in line to try out for a school play or musical. He was immersed in music from the 70’s and 80’s undoubtedly of the influence of his parents, but in high school, he soon discovered modern rock from the likes of U2, Bush and the Stone Temple Pilots. Even still, to this day Steve loves and respects music of all genres and styles and certainly never imagined he would be where he is today - musically versed and in a band quickly rising to the top. Steve lives to travel the world, meet new and interesting people and most of all he believes that God knows what we are all meant to do in our life, and music is most definitely meant for Steve Zappa.

Fab’s most cherished memories are of falling asleep listening to the tranquil sounds of Pink Floyd and Tangerine Dreams that his father played on his record player. He remembers vividly gazing at his grandfather while he played piano in the old age home. And it was from that moment on Fab was hooked on music. Originally a student of conservatory classical piano in school, Fab needed another way to express himself. At 14, he got a hold of his first drum kit from his cousin and over the years has become an amazing self taught musician. He played by ear and always dreamed of being in a band just like Nirvana. As a young musician he idolized bands like Pearl Jam, U2 and Sound Garden. For Fab, performing gives him a high like nothing else can. Now that’s something the rest of No Measure can be happy about! Hooking up with his friends in the band has changed his love and life of music incredibly. He looks forward to the journey ahead in the coming year and being able to create and write more music.

PAUL DoCARMO (Bass Guitar/Backup Vocals)
Its true, something positive will always come from childhood torment. At 13, Paul would be awakened every day by his cousin wailing on his guitar. But it was those sounds and those moments that influenced him to pick up his own guitar and take lessons. Not shortly after, at 14 he joined his first band and soon learned to play bass. Fortunately after only 2 years this freshman effort at a band called it quits, and No Measure was right there for Paul with a steady, and nonetheless, serious music gig. Paul favorite influences are U2, Creed, Foo Fighters, Bon Jovi and Silverchair. The ladies will be please to know that Paul is fluent in Portuguese and English and dabbles every now and again in a little piano. It’