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"No Mercy on"

Run DMC, LL Cool J, Tribe called Quest, Ja Rule, 50 cent. Queens has produced hip-hop royalty. Up next is No Mercy. The Jamaica Queens native has his own style and his own sound, but Queens is in his blood.

By Mehka

Q-U-E-E-N-S. has produced some of the most influential voices in hip-hop history. From pionners like Run-DMC and LL Cool J, to new school acts like Nas, Ja Rule and 50 cent, the QU is fertile ground for emcees.

The next branch off that family tree is No Mercy. The Jamaica Queens resident grew up watching all the greats from his apartment window and now he’s ready to take his place in the pantheon of legendary Queens mic rippers.

The emcee/producer has a live show that Busta Rhymes might envy and a uniqe style that can only be categorized as his own. With his new disc MDK (murder, death, kill) coming soon, No Mercy is about to show no mercy to the industry. No Mercy, where you from my dude?

No Mercy: South Jamaica Queens Queens has produced some legends man from LL to 50 cent.

No Mercy: Yeah, I know them dudes. Queens is a small borough. There are only a couple places you can go. You see everybody. I cut 50’s hair before. Ja Rule, you going to see all them.

When it comes to hip-hop, Queens is a family to. I stay 5 mins from L’s grandma’s house. Well, now you about to make your name in the game. What sets you apart from other emcees out right now?

No Mercy: My energy and the concepts that I have in my songs. When people do songs, they give you what’s poppin right now in the clubs and all that. I give you. I bring you into my life, I feel like I been through a lot. When I write my records, I put my heart into it. When I’m on stage, I don’t even call it rapping, I call it venting. That’s what’s good. What you working on now?

No Mercy: Got the “Lets get it crackin in this bitch” with Red Café I’m working on the album called MDK I got the Possessed album on Itunes. I also do beats and I got my own studio. Tell me, real talk. Do you think its going to be hard to get in the game right now, being that the south is pretty much running it right now?

No Mercy: You know, I come from hip-hop when it was all about the clubs. We left that and went to the streets. I think its going back to the clubs. I don’t have a certain style, I have a certain energy you cant just be standing around grabbing your crotch when you perform. You have to get out there and do your thing so when people leave they feel like, “he really tried to entertain me” I know the south’s going to feel me because of my energy.

A lot of my tracks are up-tempo anyway. I got dance tracks that still got that New York flava. Rapper and producer. What do you like better?

No Mercy: It’s a combination of both. When you make a hot track, you can’t wait to jump on it. I like both, I can’t say I can pick. I like when the beat’s hot, the hook’s hot, the vocals are hot. I don’t have to shop for beats I can just get up in the morning and hit my studio. I work with others, but I know what I like. You sound like you’re about your grind. Are you looking for a major deal, or are you cool with the indie grind?

No Mercy: I’m sticking with the indie regardless. I talked with G-Unit, Warner Bros. it’s a blessing to be different, and if I do crack something out there, nobody can take anything from me. The majors are there, but they never see you until you sell a million on your own. I remember you sell 10,000 they come knocking, now they want you to sell 100,000 if that’s the case, Id stay independent.

- Mehka

"No Mercy on"

Hip Hop has always had violent undertones, sometimes real sometimes fictitious. When are artist gets provoked, or in this case possessed, then those undertones become the forefront of an entire movement. Someone who keeps it entirely real, and adds a personal flavor to combine hip hop and rock (HipRock) is No Mercy. Already opening for major artists like 50 Cent, Keyshia Cole and Neyo as well as garnishing radio play across the country, No Mercy has something unique to bring to an oversaturated music industry.

What’s good No Mercy, for those who haven’t heard about you just yet; break down who you are and what you do?

First of all they call me No Mercy. The type of music I’m making is called Hip Rock. Its Rock charged hip hop beats over urban concepts. The world that we are dealing with right now I’m coming from a different perspective because I’ve seen more than other people, I’ve been around. People can’t talk about what I talk about because they haven’t been there yet. Right now that’s why they call me No Mercy because I don’t really care about other people’s feelings at this point in my life

Let’s start with the name, how did that come about?

I came up with the name one day when I was stressed out but holding it inside so much that even my closest friends didn’t know. I just came up with the idea that I am not going to care about other peoples feelings. I would have to break a person down so they can see what I am talking about. People get mad at me for keeping it real. They try to make it seem like I’m a nut case when it’s really them.

When reading your bio I came across an interesting quote ‘ Hip Hop isn’t dead, it’s just been possessed’ what’s the ideology behind that statement?

Well Hip Hop music really isn’t dead. It’s just lives in a few people who really appreciate music. Hip Hop used to be a genre where everybody had their own style. Everybody tried to be different. Now everybody is trying to be the same, the music is stagnate. There is no development going on. The concepts I have on my album you’re never going to hear anywhere else.

You have a very interesting style you call Hip Rock, where you fuse hip hop and rock and roll to create a new genre of urban music, were you always a fan of rock and how did you determine how to bring those styles together?

Rock has the energy I’ve always liked. I appreciate the venting, screaming and yelling. And Hip Hop has the realism behind it. Rock there is nothing real. You can’t vent and talk on a record and really not have any problems, whereas urban America has plenty of problems. Bringing them together you come out with something crazy. Collaborations have been done before but it hasn’t been in such a way where the person conforms to the other genre. It’s always been a rapper on rock album or vice verse. With neither artist changing up their style they just put them together. Whereas I’m changing it up. Plus I produce the music. Most of the time a producer is only good at one thing, where as I do both well.

One thing that is surefire every trip is your stage show. Energy, balance and straight spit game. How important is an artist’s presence when performing in front of a crowd who may not be familiar with your music yet?

If you can captivate people that never heard your music before then you have a good energy and get their full attention and then pull them into your zone where they are vibing with you the first time they heard you. People may not have understood where I was coming from but they still appreciated the music. It is very important for any artist to get on stage and captive their audience. You want to bring them into your zone not just because you have a known name. Stage presence is more important then a video or a record. When videos/records are made, they take out all the mistakes, it’s prerecorded. But on stage the fans can feel your energy. And that’s better then a video/record that has had the mistakes taken out. I’m not scared of crowds or mistakes. I just have fun up there at the end of the day.

You have opened for some serious artists such as Keyshia Cole, 50 and G Unit, Neyo- that’s good company! What was the crowd response like for you when you set the tone for these artists?

They were shocked because they never heard what I did before but at the same time they couldn’t deny it because it was still good music. I got the same crowd reaction as some of the known artist. Most fans only respect what they see on TV and hear on the radio they don’t open their eyes to new music but when you can get them to appreciate you around these stars then you are doing your job. The crowd response was better and they don’t’ know my name. If they saw me or heard me then they would have been singing my music like they were singing 50’s songs.

As an artist on the rise, there are all types of trials, tribulations and obstacles that hold us back, define your grind and why you stay so motivated to succeed in an oversaturated music industry climate?

I think at the end of the day I really love music compared to people who just do it for money. I’ve always been like that. I never looked at it to do it for the money so that’s always going to keep me going on because I love it. You can tell the difference. Someone can call me out my house I would go for the music.

Let’s talk about the single “Don’t stand 2 Close 2 me’, who produced the record, what’s the concept and how have the people responded?

I produced the record. I was angry at the world that day and I made a song about how I felt t- like I was going to spaze out on someone. I felt like slapping somebody that day. Anyone could understand that feeling and play that song and be able to vibe to it. I write a lot of emotional songs that might effect those who listen to my music because they feel that same emotion.

So what’s on the plate now for No Mercy, is there a new release on the horizon?

Of course. I have a couple of different ideas. I am working on a new album called MDK that stands for Murder Death Kill that’s going to be the follow up to the possessed album.

How can fans find you online?

I can be found on

Any last words?

As long as people keep me pissed off and stressed out the music is going to keep coming. The music is going to be angry too. I’m going to be venting on everything and everybody.

Thanks for your time. - Cartel

"No Mercy on"

'Hip Hop Is Not Dead, It's Possessed' says the up and coming artist No Mercy. And in this case, he cannot be more right. Fusing a unique sound of Hip Hop and Rock to form Hip Rock, No Mercy is in a lane of his own. Poised with a new album, a energy fueled stage show and tons of experience rocking the mic, there's no reason to believe that No Mercy will show just that on this newly recognized urban genre.

What's good No Mercy, let the people know a little bit about who you are.

I am a stressed out black man. I'm in a box by myself dealing with the other 99% of the population. I use the emotions that I feel and bring it to life thru my music. That's why they call me No Mercy because I don't really care about other people's feelings at this point in my life.

Hip Rock is an interesting concept, what made that mixture of styles happen?

The type of music of I'm making is called Hip Rock. Its Rock charge hip hop beats over urban concepts. I'm coming from a different perspective then any other artist out there because of how I see the things that we are dealing with right now. I've seen more than other people, I've been around. People can't talk about what I talk about because they haven't been there yet.

As an artist in today's music climate, what are you doing to carve out your unique space and create your lane?

What set me apart are the concepts that I have. My music is a unique story with my own signature, great songs that are real and different. Everybody is saying the same thing. I don't care about what other people think. I'm not worried about offending anybody. People have to take it the way it is. Just by the titles of my songs I'm going to create my own lane.

You've opened for 50 and G Unit, Neyo and Ms K Cole, that's pretty impressive! What were those experiences like and how have they helped your career?

The bigger the crowd the better! I was anxious to get on stage. I wanted to please the people more than the artist they came to see. Experience, learning experience, the encouragement. It was good practice. As an up and coming artist you can accomplish a lot when you can open for a big name artist, it's like you are right at the door. It is a confidence buster especially when you do well. I felt like I could take on the world.

Your constantly performing at all the major events in tri state, what can people expect when they come to see you rock the mic?

They can expect a lot of energy. Feel good music, have fun. It's not like I'm there for image. I'm there to entertain people. I want people to go home and be like that guys song is crazy.

There are 10 million rappers (and that's just in Brooklyn) trying to get in this small door called 'The Deal Room', how does No Mercy approach the whole label idea, are you looking for a deal? Or is indie the route right now?

Indie is the way to go. Your destiny is in your hand and you can only be mad at your self if things don't go well. But if it's the right label with the same goals who want to see you succeed then you can go far with a label. I want to go indie first. I need control of my music. I can't be in a situation where someone else is telling me what type of record to make. Whatever label deals with me would have to be ready to deal with whatever comes out my mouth. I want a label that can stand with me for what I believe in 100% of the time not 90%. If I were to offend someone then the label would need to understand where I'm coming from and back me and not get scared. A label can't be scared and talking to me.

You've got a strong team behind you in Pro Ghetto, how important is team and relationships when it comes to this music thing?

Team work and relationships are very important because you need a strong team to help propel you to your next level. As a musician and an artist it's important to have a team that you trust that will handle your business for you so you can be productive. ProGhetto is good. Jason Spawn cares about what I'm trying to do and understands where I'm coming from. I have come to expect him to handle my business just like I would. Queen she's the same way. She's very passionate. She can see my vision. Everyone needs a strong team to fall back on.

So you've been charted, opened for major acts, gotten some press love, but what do you feel you need to have happen to take you over the top?

Distribution would get me over the hump. You need market and promotion to compete with the big dogs. What's on TV has been stamped as that "good stuff". What I need is a little more visual distribution which I'm already stepping into. I need fans to see me 360.

Music industry in the state of array that it's in has seen the rise and fall of many new artists, how does No Mercy stay relevant and secure a long term spot in the game?

There are a lot of ghost writers in the music industry. Many artists do not write their own stuff anymore. None of the concepts we hear come out of the artist head. Even for an artist that has a great voice, is that song coming out of this person's brain. I'm writing good quality music. Differences is what Hip Hop used to be about.

When getting into music, who influenced or inspired you to follow this dream?

I've been listening to music all my life. The James Brown and Rick James type of songs, when it came to Hip Hop - Run DMC and LL Cool J. The way you would want to do it. I have a lot a respect for all artists out there. I have no hate in my blood for anybody even if they might hate me. My favorite artist is Nas because he has always tried to push the envelope with his concepts too. Groups - EPMD, Das EFX besides Run DMC. And Rakim probably one of the greatest solo mcs.

What's next on No Mercy's list of things to do?

I have to promote the "Possessed" album hard so I can get the MDK album. Possessed is going to set the presence for what is coming. It has to be right like a book series for the rest to come thru. I have to focus on that possessed album.

How can we find you online?

I can be found on

Any last shouts?

All my fans, love to all the people who tried to help me, Jason, Queen, Neya, Andrea. A big shout out too all the people trying to help.

Good looks on the interview - Big Cobi

"No Mercy on"

On a warm April day got up with No Mercy.....

For those that are getting to know you for the first time let em know the meaning behind your name.

I came up with the name one day when I was stressed out but holding it inside so much that even my closest friends didn't know. I just came up with the idea that I am not going to care about other peoples feelings.
I would have to break a person down so they can see what I am talking about.

People get mad at me for keeping it real. They try to make it seem like I'm a nut case when it's really them.

Coming from Jamaica, NY, where most music is grimy and gutter, your style differs. How would you describe it?

I don't think it really matters where a person is from. You shouldn't be labeled because of where you're from. Even though I'm from the streets and I'm grimy and gutter I want to make my own sound. I don't let my neighborhood make my music. I listen to a little bit of everything so I can broaden my skill and blend everything with Hip Hop being the vocal point. Especially as a producer you like to try new stuff.

On "Don't Stand To Close To Me" it had a street rock type of vibe to it. Do you feel going out of the norm like you did will bring you to the top faster or make it harder to shine?

I think it would take me to the top faster because hip hop audience is always looking for something new you just gotta give it to them.

When did you decide "This is what I want to do"?

I always loved music and I used to dance. I really got into it when Run DMC and LL Cool J came into the game. I had always listened to other rappers but that's when I felt like I can do this.

Let the people know what you have dropped as far as mixtapes or albums is concerned?

I was on an album but I was in a group the album was called Poor Riches and Hip Rock. And now as a solo artist Possessed.

What projects are on the way?

Coming soon is the MDK (Murder Death Kill) album.

Any features or producers worth mention?

All my work was produced by me but I'm currently negotiating with some other producers. I can't go into details about it right now.

What is your main goal in the music industry?

My main goal is to put out some of the most creative music for hip hop and still keeping it very raw without catering to the commercial side but still be able to sell on a commercial level. Then I would like to have my own record company where I can produce for other people with my sound, my touches. Where I can really change the hip hop industry.

What were your inspirations coming up?

Musically I would say I always liked hard sounding music. So anything that had hard rebellious sound like a Bob Marley, James Brown.

For someone that never has heard a song by No Mercy name one that will make them an instant fan?

'Don't stand to close to me' because everybody can relate to my mental state in that song.

Here at we like to ask questions out of the norm so the fans can get a broader understanding on here we go ......

Obama or Hilary....or ........John McCain?


What is the best year for hiphop in your opinion?

The early 90's if I had to set for a year 90 to 94.

Before getting into hiphop what were you doing to make a living?

I was always into hip hop. I've been for hip hop since day one no matter what I was doing.

How played out are the T pain vocoders people are using?

I wouldn't say they are played out. T Pain made it big for him and I just wouldn't suggest that other rappers do it because he mastered it for himself.

If you had to pick between doing a song with Nelly or Garth Brooks who would it be?

I would go with Garth Brooks just because he does a totally different style of music and if I merge hip hop with him we could come up with something totally different.

back to the norm

Where can the viewers check yall out on the web?

I can be found on and Itunes No Mercy-The album Possessed.

Any shows coming up?

Yes, Im in Philly at The 'Go Hard Or Go Home' iStandard Producer Showcase in May, as well as The 'Get Your Buzz Up' Seminar in NYC as well as some bigger tour dates in near future.


Well if they want to hear something different compared to what they are listening to on the radio now that's a reason. If they have an open mind and want something new then my cd is what's popping.

It was good kicking it wit you best of luck in the future. - Advocate

"No Mercy on"

What's hood No Mercy? Let everyone know who you are and what the f*ck you do.

First off I am a Hip-Hop MC not a rapper. I kick rhymes not songs made for the radio. I do that real hip hop shit I write and produce my shit. It’s hard as hell and ready for the streets.

Let's talk about your new single with Red Cafe, "Let's get it crackin', what's
the concept and how did you guys link up?

Well I was doing a show at Club Snitch in the NYC and he was also performing that same night. We linked up and talk and he said he like my voice and energy and I said we should do a song together. And that was it. I don't waste anytime. I had “Letz Get It Cracking” in the vault. So I threw that at him and he went and did his thing. Now it’s a hit for the streets. The concept came from my sick ass mind I always have these big visions and crazy ass thoughts. This song was just one of them

You produce all your own music, what's the approach like when its time to get
into studio mode?

I try not to have a formula when I am in the studio. I like to try new things so I just free my mind and let it all hang out on the Mic. I know for sure I am looking for something hardcore. I hate soft ass hip hop melodies. My melodies got be hard and have that crack sound. It just got to be popping.

Your style meshes rock with hip hop, when did you decide you wanted to go that
A few years back I was in a group and my inner sprits told me to leave and head in this hard core direction that I am in right now. Trust me the music is a lot better because I don't have to worry about no one else like you do in a group.

You were recently featured in as next to blow, how does it feel to
get recognized for your talent?
It feels good to know people are feeling your shit. But I got a long road ahead of me. Because I got so many ideas that I have to unfold first before I feel like I have accomplished something.

What's your stage show like? What can viewers expect to experience? Energy Energy Energy that's what I bring and that's what hip hop is missing

Who inspires NoMercy musically?
Everybody inspires me musically. I think I have little bit of everyone that inspires Hip-Hop in me. I am possessed, I love Hip-Hop a little bit more then everybody does else cause I do it every day I got my own studio had it for years and I build with catz from every where on some hip hop shit with no hate in my blood.

You been on the grind for a minute man, shows, concerts, major moves, what's it
gonna take for NoMercy to get his rightful due?
Major radio airplay. I want to just to level the playing field so people can here how hot I am and how much work I put into my music lyrically and musically.

Ok let's air it out...finish these sentences.....

Hip hop would still be real if.....if cats would find there own styles like back in the days everyone was unique

My favorite emcee who held the Mic is....Rakim he keeps it raw

The first time I heard hip hop I....was in my room listening on my brand new boom box jamming to The Sugar Hill Gang

Ok let's get back to no mercy.

What's next on the agenda?
My new album Called M.D.K it stands for Murder Death Kill and performing at a lot more shows. I also want to hit the over seas market with performances.

Where can fans find you online? also and you can get my latest album called Possessed on Itunes just type in NoMercy or Possessed.

Any plugs or shouts? I wanna give a big shout out to Queens and N.Y.C to my managers Jason Spawn and Queen J Hatch, Don Di Napoli and Bedtyme 357, Big Cal and AD the General. To my Pro Ghetto family, Nightingale for always holding it down for me. My family at home and to all my sperm cells floating around out there.

- J Hatch

"No Mercy on"

Hip Hop isn't dead its possessed according to this queens resident emcee , No Mercy, who fuses Hip Hop and Rock Music to create Hip Rock. Armed with a new single called 'Let's get it crackin' featuring Brooklyn emcee Red Cafe, No Mercy is poised to show the rap game he can rock out and still hold this emcee thing down to the fullest.

Hey No Mercy, what’s good with you? Where are you from and what do you do?

I'm not from here but I'm stuck here. I spin most of the BS from the day in the studio. You could say I'm a jack of all trades doing a little of everything from being an artist to a producer to a studio engineer. The name is catchy and stands out, how did you acquire that alias?

I was feeling stressed, frustrated and mad at the world. The name No Mercy just came out of the realization that I couldn't care about other people’s feelings and I wasn't going to. I felt like when I had something to say, I would say it. There are those who get mad at me for keeping it real, they would just have to be mad.

Your music seems to come from a few different places and is very unique, who influences you to make good music?

I have been influenced to make good music by a lot of old school artist such as Stevie Wonder, James Brown and Rick James. I've also been influenced by Public Enemy, Run DMC, LL Cool J. I was influenced by anybody that was unique and the type of artist that let it out without restraints. Those artists who did what they wanted to do.

You def fuse hip hop and rock in your overall style, what do you feel you bring to the table that hasn't been done before?

Everything has been done before. There have been great artist before me. I bring what is needed right now. I'm somebody with a very strong stage presence that cares about music instead of just a paycheck. As an artist you got to love what you do you can't just be in it for the money. I bring the real Hip Hop element back.

Artist used to have to be good at what they did in order to make an album. Now everybody wants to cut an album and their ability to do so is not based on their musical talent but based on who you know or what a person has accomplished in other areas such as accomplished actors throwing together an album.

I read in your bio that you said 'hip hop isn't dead, it's just been possessed', that’s a very interesting viewpoint, what’s the real meaning behind that statement?

I’m the type of person who can not be labelled. For example I can not be labelled a rapper just because it is something you understand. I've been thru a lot and all my trials, tribulations and experiences come out of me through my music. When I rap I take over the album. Some of my music people are not going to understand at first but they are not going to shy away from it.

Listening to me a person may say “he went there”. When I'm in the studio recording I'm not in what may be considered a normal frame of mind. I just go with what I feel I don't sit there and “think” about a rhyme.

What can spectators expect when they come to a No mercy performance?

Anyone who comes to a No Mercy performance can definitely expect a lot of energy. I won't be grabbing myself or anything like that. I'm there to entertain the crowd that’s all.

It's no secret that the music industry is hurting right now, how do you plan on making your splash in the game and staying relevant?

I think my strong point is my performance. The audience want to see you even if it’s for free it should be as good as it would be if they paid for it. I have gone to several concerts myself and the crowd is not involved they just seem happy to be at the show.

I want the crowd to be enthused and go home talking about the show. I'm always going to make unique songs compared to mc's now you get used to their style. I have no style. I always come up with something unique so a person can't get bored because I'm always taking them somewhere else.

How does No Mercy utilize today's technology to communicate to the masses and share your music with future fans?

I love hip hop for what it is musically. Compared to 10 years ago technology today allows you to do whatever you want to do. I could collaborate with another artist, songwriter, etc by emailing a song.

So much can be done without even leaving my house. I use email,, different software, etc. I have the latest technology that is on the market today and I use it.

Talk about your team, who have you surrounded yourself with and why?

I had a bigger team but had to downsize because everyone was not on the same page. That type of situation is hard to control. I surround myself with Queen, Jason, Jenaya, and Andrea.

What’s next on the plate for 08 and beyond?

I'm putting my next album MDK (Murder, Death, Kill) out in 08. Throughout 08 I have a lot of shows set up. I'm trying to get that buzz out so that everyone knows who I am.

Where can fans find you online?

My fans can find me at and

Any shouts or plugs?

Shout out to all hoods and everybody out there struggling trying to survive. - Dub

"No Mercy on"

<>For any new rapper, coming out of NYC is a difficult task. There is so much competition, the right resources aren't always available, and so many other challenges. One must come into the game with almost a no mercy attitude. That's definitely no problem for No Mercy, an up and coming rapper calling Queens, New York his home. No Mercy comes with a unique style and direction with his music. He is quite talented, not only does he rap, but he also produces his own music, along with playing the guitar.

Recently I caught up with No Mercy to see what's going on with him. He's not your average rapper. Definitely coming with a twist and I gotta respect him for that.

What's some background information on No Mercy?

I started out working in a group. I’ve been in hip hop since day one. I went from a fan to a dancer to a producer to a rapper. So I’ve been through all of the stages. My songs are angry because of what I’ve been through and I’m here to piss everybody off.

Coming from Queens, New York you have some very big names repping that borough. Who are some of the people from Queens that you looked to for inspiration or motivation?

I look to 50 and the whole G unit camp. Being from Queens you always look at LL for inspiration and motivation because of the legacy. He is a person you want to emulate and be successful like because he did everything. And for the stage I look at Run DMC for their great performances.

What you think about LL Cool J´s attempt to unite the 5 boroughs in New York with his track “5 Boroughs” featuring Method Man, KRS-One, Jim Jones and Lil Kim?

It was a great idea because that is a problem with New York Rappers they are not unified. We need more unity in Rap, especially in New York. New York is too small for so much beef to go on. You are literally like 45 minutes away from another rapper so it’s just too small a world to have beef. You probably know somebody who knows somebody you have beef with.

Do you think that is needed to bring NY Hip-Hop back to the top?

Yeah unity would definitely bring NY Hip-Hop back to the top. Beef is what is destroying the essence of Hip-Hop. Battling is fine because that’s an element of hip hop. But the beef and gun slinging is not alright. A person supposed to go home at the end of the night.

Let´s talk about No Mercy again. How would you describe your music and style?

I would describe my music and style as very open and direct and personal. But at the same time it’s commercially acceptable. It’s very hard core.

How long have you been serious with your craft? How long have you been rapping and how did you get started?

I’ve been serious since day one. I always knew it was something I would be into. The musical side was first the beats and dance and then the rapping came last. I guess things had to happen to you to be able to speak about it on a record.

I´m sure everyone is asking that question but what's the story behind the name No Mercy?

You are defiantly correct in that. Everyone ask what’s behind the name No Mercy. You would think it was my stripper name or something [laughs]. I came up with No Mercy because one day I was just pissed off and venting and I felt that I was going to say what I wanted to say no matter what the consequences, no matter who I offended. Basically I wasn’t giving any mercy.

I know that artists have their different methods of writing. What are your methods or rituals to your writing?

I like quiet space. I don’t like people around me when I record. I used to write on paper. Now I go on the microphone and just go off the top. I feel like when you are writing you are trying to find something, you are putting too much thought into it. When you are venting out your thoughts and emotions it’s more real. So a lot of my stuff now is just that - venting. I go off the top now so I can close my eyes and reflect on any moment or what’s on my mind or what someone I know is going through.

I hear that you play the guitar. How long have you been playing and do you think it is important to be versatile as an artist?

Yes I play the guitar. I’ve been playing guitar for about four years now. I thought I needed something else to express myself other than getting on the mic. Since I’m a producer I thought I wanted to put a different element into the music. I haven’t gotten to the stage that I want to get to where I can get on the stage like Prince and wild out but I’m working towards that. And that will definitely make my show better when I reach that stage. It definitely helps me out with my production. It gives me more creative ideas from a musical standpoint.

I see that you have merchandise for sell on your MySpace page. In this day in Hip Hop, artists are realizing that they must focus on their business just as much as their art. Do you have any other business ventures in the works or any future plans for some?

Yes I’m a day trader. I do real estate. I’m self educated in a lot of different fields. I would like to own and run a record company so I can produce for other artist and bring my style out through other artist showing how unique it is.

If you had a choice to collaborate with any artist dead or alive, who would it, be and why?

I would like to work with Dr. Dre and Timberland because they are extremist and I think we have the same vision when it comes to music.

Being on the same stage with heavyweights like 50 Cent, Keyshia Cole, Fat Joe, and Busta Rhymes is a huge achievement, what was it like opening up for them?

It’s a great feeling opening up for them because you know everybody is coming to see them but when you can get the attention of a crowd who doesn’t know you then you accomplished what you came for and that’s the high I look for.

What are some of the projects that you are currently working on?

I am currently working a new No Mercy album called “MDK (Murder Death Kill)”. This album will be a lot harder than “Possessed” but it will make you dance. “MDK” is going to be very unique because of the topics, the style and the beats. And I’m also focusing on a group that I may be creating called The Disciples. A group idea I have in my head. A collaborative group effort. I’m searching for the right spirits to be in the group.

In Hip Hop it is important that we give back and support our communities. I'm glad to see that you are doing your part. Talk about some of the experiences you had teaching at The Greshien Academy of The Performing Arts.

Well you get to vibe with young kids that are on the come up trying to be where I’m at and it’s funny because I’m trying to get where other known artist are. It’s a great feeling because kids have no hate in their blood like adults do. They appreciate a lot more then adults do. Every time I go there I’m happy. It also help me keep creative because we share our ideas. The kids piggy back on things I throw at them and I piggy back on them.

One thing you want everyone to know about No Mercy?

I want everyone to know that when I do come out there will be a major change. - Kai derringer


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50 Cent and Gunit, Keyshia Coles, Julez Santana and Dipset, Busta Rhymes, Fat Joe, and Neyo @ Nassau Coliseum (Seperate Shows)
RedCafe, Yung Berg, and Hell Rell @ Club Mambos in CT.
Beast of The Beats II @ Touch Opened for Black Moon

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Winner of the 2009 Underground Music Award for "Best Original Male"
Gives back to the community by teaching the high school students of GRESHIEN ACADEMEY FOR THE PROFORMING ARTS how to make beats and write songs

2008- UMA Nominee for Most Original Male Artist

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Spirits talk to him from time to time and influence him to speak for those who do not have a voice. To articulate the wrongs which have been done to those who never had the chance to tell their story, thru music he addresses the social issues which he ultimately desires to change. You will never know his attitude and may wonder why he is so angry. But you will see, because there is a new day coming. He has opened up acts such as Kanye West, 50 Cent, Freeway, Keith Murry, Fat Joe, DipSet, Red Cafe and Yung Berg. He recently finished doing a track with Red Cafe called "Letz Get It Crackin" which is blazing the underground scene. He has recently been awarded 2009 "Most Oringal Male" at the Underground Music Awards in NYC held at BB Kings, an award which he was selected 2 years in a row. He is on a mission and can not be stopped. He is Possessed. And he is coming to the stage or a radio station near you.