Oceanside, California, USA
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NomiS seeks to provoke thought in the minds of his listeners, which will hopefully lead to life change.


NomiS is a socially conscious artist from southern California. Coming from a musically inclined background, NomiS found himself interested in many different genres of music early on. He found a special connection to Hip Hop culture and music during grade school and the passion only grew from there. Studying music at a California State University, NomiS received a Bachelor's Degree in Visual & Performing Arts with an emphasis in Music. Performing everywhere from festivals, arenas, School's, bar's and street corners, to internationally in countries such as Trinidad, The Philippines, and Thailand. NomiS has released multiple projects including the album, "Rosario Dawson". This album created a huge buzz in the independent music scene for NomiS. Getting the attention and co-sign of the real Rosario Dawson herself who called it, "Real Rap" among other things.
NomiS has shared the stage with the likes of stand up comedian Wanda Sykes, freestyle legend SuperNATURAL, As I Lay Dying, Evidence (Dilated Peoples), Abstract Rude, The Visionaries, Qwel, Braille, David Crowder Band, KJ 52, Toby Mac and countless others.
NomiS continues to attempt to bring truth to everyone. Understanding the responsibility of an eMCee, NomiS seeks to provoke thought in the minds of his listeners with a hope that it will eventually lead to life change.


On Behalf of the Silenced

Written By: Aaron Simon

On behalf of the silenced lyrics:
Verse 1:
I sit in shock, but even more I sit in disgust/
the downfall of this world that I see is the greed and lust/
and trust, the evil that im seeing here is grimey/
the rain falls its the heavens looking at us crying/
and the lust, will thrust a man ridiculous places/
leaving traces of himself on a child making her faceless/
and the loss of face is making her faithless/
stripping her of her innocence and taking her greatness/
and the greed persuades you to make a profit/
at any means, anything to fill your pockets/
and any dream, anything thats going to stop its your enemy/
now her virginity is lost/

Can you hear her, screaming at the top of her lounges/
another night has come and she has yet to see the sun/
drowning in a sea of this violence/
listen to me as I speak for the silenced/
can you hear him, screaming at the top of his lounges/
another night has come, he has never seen the sun/
drowning in a sea of this violence/
listen to me as I speak on behalf of the silenced/

Verse 2:
Going to fight because its feeling infinite/
slavery hasn't ended its just manifested different/
sweatshops, youngins putting work in/
we've placed greater value on the soul of a shoe than the soul of a person/
nurse the soars, the war they speak of is literal/
im looking for the kids but I cant see because they're invisible/
critical conditions what I hear about is tragic/
this globe is backed up because its stuck in human traffic/
clever tactics matched with a hoax/
they'll seek the downtrodden then exploit the people with a lack of hope/
attacking those, change her to a number not a daughter/
this child has a mother, this child has a father/
dehumanize because the price is right/
look in her eyes what you see is lifeless/
fight this issue of the world, don't be fooled its the truth/
this happens in our on backyard too/
and im ashamed but I know where I should point the blame/
that serpent searching to distort the mental is the game/
I hear the voice of constance echoing within my brain/
we've got to own this if we EVER want to see a change/
apathy is killing us, a lack of education/
we've got to spark a flame to see a fire in these nations/
and if John Newton flipped than so can they/
so don't forget to pray, have a voice, and put the apathy away/



2013: "The Wretched: A Soundtrack of Justice & Redemption inspired by Les Miserables"
2012: "Searching for Alpha Trion"
2010: "Rosario Dawson"
2010: "Scratching the Surface"
2008: "Mouthpiece of the Lion"

Set List

30-45 minute set.