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• "The song ‘Sweep the Leg’ is great. The video could be the greatest thing ever. It wouldn’t have worked as well if the song wasn’t so good. It is a catchy song, a great song." - Phildelphia’s Preston and Steve Show, WMRR

• "Ultra-energized creativity loaded with so much ‘ear candy’ that it’s bound to bring out the 80’s lover in all of us!" - Mark Endert, producer/mixer for Maroon 5

• "I have never had a response to a song like the response I’ve had to ‘Sweep the Leg’. It went from being spun five times a week to being spun thirty times per week." - Sketch Brumfield, Program Director WBOW-FM (Terre Haute, IN)

• "This band has created an amazing album. The ‘Sweep the Leg’ video has everyone talking, and with good reason. They have done an excellent job of reversing the psychology of that climatic, sudden death round between Daniel and Johnny in 'The Karate Kid'." - Dee Liddle, Aced magazine

• "If 'Riders of the Purple Sage' joined forces with Cake, you might get something that sounds like No More Kings. I have so many nice things to say about this band. The lyrics on these songs are ingenious and’ve got your Smurfs, Ghostbusters, and Beastie Boys. Ah yeah. Life is good." - Bitchin’

• "Just when you think you’ve got the idea of ‘indie music’ nailed, along comes a band who defies convention."
- Danny Brown, Indie Music Suite 101

• " ‘About Schroeder’ is a tremendous accomplishment. ‘Girl in the Sea’ is another standout track. Using violins and hand-claps and delicate background vocals, the song is as beautiful as the girl it describes."
- Paul Hanson, The Daily Vault

• "How can you not love a band that describes its debut release as ‘a love letter to the 80s’? It’s spunky, melodic, addictive, and alive…the best album I’ve heard in months." - YourHub, Denver

• "My satisfying, albeit brief, introduction to No More Kings makes me sure I’ll see them again one day. I missed out in telling them how much they rocked after the show, and next time I see them I may not be in proper proximity to greet them. By that time, I won’t be the only one wanting a piece of them." - Cinema Blend

• "While the songs are polished and sophisticated, No More Kings’ music has a light, energetic and fun sound." - Ron Wynn, Nashville City Paper

• "Our lives have been infinitely enriched by viewing this miracle of music video-making genius. ‘Sweep the Leg’ is nothing less than the 'Citizen Kane' of online comedy videos. I would write more, but I’m going to watch it about 400 more times now." - USAToday’s “Pop Candy”

• "I have always said that I have a talent for finding out about cool new bands before other people. No More Kings are a band that anyone with an ear for quirky pop culture references will enjoy." - Inside

• "There are many pop culture references to familiar names such as Charlie Brown, MC Hammer, 'Gulliver's Travels', 'Knight Rider' and 'The Karate Kid'. These are fun to discover when you don’t have the lyrics sitting next to you." - Paul Hanson, The Daily Vault

• "Every once in a while the stars align, the gods look down upon us and smile, and something so fantastic occurs that it almost defies belief. Such was today. I saw ‘Sweep the Leg’. I’m not exaggerating when I write that I’ve watched it over twenty times." - Hyper

• "Who the heck are these guys? Where did they come from? They are amazing!" - Ray Waddell, Billboard magazine

• "The 'Sweep the Leg' music video is by far and away the best video I’ve ever seen. Hands down. Content-wise, film-wise, song, everything – the best video I’ve ever seen." - Dayton’s Boomer and Roach Show, WXEG

• "...Infectious indie mixed with funk, with just the slightest touch of soul, bringing a whole new sound to the appreciative masses." - Indie Music Suite 101

• "No More Kings can create amazing sounds and songs. The rhythms and lyrics make their music nearly addictive. A little bit of rock, funk and, yes, even pop. They’ll keep your ears entertained and your smile wide…you’ll enjoy No More Kings’ live show." - Alyson Skarbek,

• "It’s the lyrical content that sets this project apart." - The Rhapsody Radish

• "The first album I’ve gotten in years that I really like...references to everything from M.C. Hammer and the Beastie Boys to Gargamel and Darth Vader, the album is a celebration of the eighties, and one worth listening to." - Greg

• " ‘God Breathed’ and ‘Mr. B’ give the listener a humorous view of the creation of Adam and a picture of being love-struck, from the perspective of the bee. The anthem of ‘Umbrella’ shows the depth of the musical talent of No More Kings. They give the listener a wonderful, well-rounded compilation of lyrics, sounds, and rhythms. Excellent."
- Aced magazine

• "No More Kings’ debut is for anyone in the mood for creative pop music." - Elizabeth Mathis, Ohio State University Lantern

• "Pete Mitchell is a solid, animated storyteller and it shines through with his rapid-fire lyrics. The album is not all about angsty love while sporting emotastic haircuts. Yes, love songs can get old. Angry songs can get old. Love/angry songs can get old. This album is a breath of fresh air after running by a horde of zombies." - Marc Hudson, Pop Syndicate

• "No More Kings prove that you can write smart, witty and intelligent lyrics without being overly serious and instead just have a good time relaxing and goofing off - something which is strangely lacking in today's overly serious pop-punk world." - Bobby Gorman, The Punk Site

• "No More Kings’ set at New York’s Cutting Room was roughly 40 minutes - too short, definitely, yet it was so lively and dynamic that it left me strangely satiated." - Brendan Butler, Cinema Blend

• "I’ve finally obtained a copy of No More Kings’ CD, and I haven’t been able to pull this disk out of my player since I popped it in. I have been sucked into their nerdy world, and I love it. The CD may look ridiculous, and it certainly sounds ridiculous on paper, but once you hear it, you’ll be singing a different tune." - American Hit Network

• "No More Kings are a great band. They deserve to find an audience because their music is unique and refreshing. They are not metal, they are not punk, they are not country, they are not jazz: yet, if you listen closely, you can hear influences from all of these genres in various degrees." - Paul Hanson, The Daily Vault

• “Billy Zabka has described ‘Sweep the Leg’ as ‘Raising Arizona’-meets-‘The Matrix’, but he's being modest. It's craptastic. Part of me resents this actor for actually being a decent guy with a good sense of humor in real life.” - Jeff Labrecque, Entertainment

• “On the basis of just the ‘Sweep the Leg’ video, it might be tempting to dismiss No More Kings as a charming clone of such goof-rockers as Bowling for Soup or “Weird” Al Yankovic. But the self-titled debut album shows off an ear for music that’s the audio equivalent of gourmet comfort food — it’s familiar enough to please even the most basic of palettes, with a flair for the dramatic and the different that sets it apart as well.” - The Daily Times, Knoxville

• “It’s all so awesome that it’s almost too much to handle...With the focus presumably on Pete Mitchell’s curious lyrics, the rest of the band shines in their ability to shift from slow ballad to hard-driving rock to soulful blues.” - Dig, Philadelphia

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No More Kings' self-titled debut album released March 6th 2007

1. Zombie Me
2. Sweep The Leg
3. Michael (Jump In)
4. Someday
5. Grand Experiment
6. Girl In the Sea
7. Leaving Lilliput
8. About Schroeder
9. God Breathed
10. Mr. B
11. Old Man Walking
12. Umbrella
13. This



For the past two years, No More Kings have been touring all over America, sweating and dancing in all sorts of venues. With an incredible debut album under their belts, as well as a pop culture mini-explosion caused by their first video, “Sweep the Leg”, the band is scooping up new fans daily. Their biggest show highlights include playing the Billboard Touring Conference and the Monolith Festival. The mind behind the band, Pete Mitchell, calls No More Kings’ first album a “thank-you letter to the 80’s”. The band also have an impressive catalogue of accomplishments and press, including having the #1 video on both YouTube and MySpace, features on MTV and VH1, and making television appearances on stations like G4TV, The Comcast Network, E!, and Direct TV. Most recently, an alternate version of their single “Sweep the Leg” was used in a TV spot for David Beckham. Look out the window daily to see if No More Kings are coming to your town. Wear something frilly.

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