No More Tears

No More Tears

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Tri-state areas best Ozzy/Black Sabbath Tribute Band!! You will think Ozzy himself is singing in front of you!14 years of experience and an extensive reportoire make them a must see!!!!


NO MORE TEARS is an amazing recreation of Ozzy Ozbourne & Black Sabbath w/Ozzy. They have captivated audiences for over 14 years and are still going stronger than ever. The best way it has been explained is to close your eyes and you've been transported to a front row seat experiencing Ozzy with Randy, with Jake, with Zakk and back in time to 1969 Black Sabbath. Since 1991 to the present, JOHN BRULLO and company have taken over the Tri-State area with their premier Ozzy & Black Sabbath experience. The line up consists of the one and only... MIKE ORLANDO on guitar, who's guitar playing is unmatched. MIKE flawlessly emulates the work of Randy Rhoads, Jake E. Lee, Zakk Wylde and Tony Iommni, he is truly one of a kind. MIKE is a virtuoso Featured on drums is the chupacabra himself... EDWARD DEL GAUDIO. A veteran of NO MORE TEARS, EDDIE is a true God of Thunder. With his own distinctive style, EDDIE recreates the entire catalouge of Ozzy's drummers from Bill Ward to Michael Borden. On Bass is FRANKIE ITALIANO. Rounding out the lineup ..boards is... BRENDAN CONOLLY. A master of the keys, he holds the sinister tones of Mr. Crowley to the intricate piano of Revealtion Mother Earth. Then finally...last, but certainly not least, to complete the NO MORE TEARS / OZZY experience the leader and commander in chief, the one and only... JOHN BRULLO!! As stated from Ozzy's camp... "Let's just invite John down to do the tracks himself!" Fans have witnessed the look-alike tribute bands, only to be decieved. Witness JOHN'S vocal tribute, and the tremendous backing from the band, see & hear why more than once JOHN has been accused of lip synching the set, only to realize that JOHN and the band are the real deal!

Set List

The band can play over 4 hours of music, covering both Sabbath and Ozzy. The band typically plays one to two sets, ranging from 45 minutes to an hour a set. The band can play to the audience preferences and accept requests.