Audience members agree that their sound is totally unique. One fan quotes "They look like mad scientists when they play...It's a real SHOW!" NONA's music will change you. Don't fight it. haha Seriously though, you MUST check this band out!


NONA was formed through a series of crazy coincidences, or destiny...depending on what you are comfortable with. Lead vocalist, Brent travelled to NYC to play in the NY Music Festival (@ Madison Square Garden) and happened to meet 2 musicians from Bloomington, IN...these two musicians eventually played with Bill and Jeff...and then Bill and Jeff met Brent through the 2 musicians..too much to process? The short story is: Brent met Bill and Jeff (who lived within 40 miles)
through meeting 2 other musicians from Indiana in NYC. The band members agree that their band was formed by such odd circumstances that it cannot be coincidence...and the music created through them says the same thing.

Our music, our message and our live shows set us apart from other bands. There are a lot of really good bands out there, but not many are doing what we do.

Collectively, the band has played hundreds of shows over the past 10 years...don't settle for less ...don't be let NONA!



Written By: NONA

Live this life
you want to live.
Don't you look for pity
when it all starts to give...
all starts to give.

Alternate additional lyrics:

(give what you want)
(take what you want)

Why can't you see
what's in front of me?


Written By: NONA

Your eyes were closed.
You didn't see me.
Discussed my clothes.
Yeah, you point right at me.

Your eyes were closed.
Your eyes were closed


Written By: NONA

(this song is on

You know
what they want,
yet you go on
playing ignorant.
Why? Why? Why?
Just for your ego?
Why? Why?
Why let a good thing go?


you let it slip away.
It slipped away.
You let it slip away.
It slipped away.


Brent Orndorff released a solo LP (which essentially led him to Bill and Jeff) in 2003 under his own indie lable - Blame Records. Prior to this he had recorded 4 LPs, an EP and a single in 7 studios (the solo LP was all recorded, mixed and mastered at Blame Records Studio).
Jeff and Bill have played on EPs with a few different bands over the last 10 years. They played together in 2 of the bands prior to NONA being formed.

Recent songs can be found through the links: < BIO also

Set List

It's not too late
In ten cities
Optimus Prime
Pulling the strings
It's so true
Spanish 6
Moves Beyond
The Puppeteer
Never hear
Take it away
Instrumental Jam # 1 - 9 (funk, jazz, techno, etc..)
So it seems
Various Electonic Songs

Pearl Jam, U2, Radiohead, The Beatles, Pink Floyd, Jimi Hendrix, Weezer, Eric Clapton, Neil Young, Talking Heads, 311, Ween, Primus, Nirvana, The Flaming Lips, Tom Petty, LIVE, Coldplay, Lou Reed, Etc...