Nona Fay

Nona Fay


Nona Fay's sound is the grit of Tanya Tucker, the sweetness of Faith Hill, and the passion of Martina McBride. Her commitment to her faith adds Amy Grant to the mix. Sprinkle some Stevie Nix for the rock feel and when singing with her daughter Kassandra, imagine an updated version of the Judds.


Years of stage experience have helped Nona Fay develp an ease in interacting with her audience. She truly captures your heart with her espression of the music she sings. After years of searching for "her sound" she admits she is country in her soul. Even her original Gospel music, has a lot of country influence. More than anything, Nona Fay wants to touch her listeners with her songs, bring back lost memories; good & bad, bring tears & laughter to her audiences. She wants to tell a new story that echoes one of their own-call it musical therepy the Nona Fay way!


Build Each Other Up

Written By: Nona Fay

Build Each Other Up
(for Mom)

1.The good Lord made us all.
In His likeness we’re all the same.
We make mistakes along life’s way, I’m so glad Jesus came to save me.
Don’t you go judging each other. That’s for God to do. One thing He commands of you –treat each other the way you want Him to treat you-and –

Build each other up in the name of the Lord.
Build each other up in the name of the Lord.
Don’t put them down just because they’re different than you, but build each other up in the Lord.

2.We won’t always get along. Sometimes we’ll disagree. But if we look to Him instead of in the mirror, we will see things clearer. Look around at each other. Pretend you have God’s eyes.
Put the devil’s tongue behind you. Wear your heart on the outside- and-

3.Look around at each other. Pretend you have God’s eyes. Put the devil’s tongue behind you. Wear your heart on the outside- and-

God Helped Me Find You

Written By: Nona Fay


1. Things in life aren’t always fair.
Sometimes it seems like God’s not there. I felt that way.
I was searching for so long,
Though I didn’t know what for,
Then you walked in, And opened the door of my heart.
God helped me find you He put you in my path of life.
You’re the missing part of my soul, I was searching for.

2. The day has come. Here we stand,
In front of God and man, Holding hands.
Pledging love, sharing faith,
The commitment that we make
Will last a lifetime,
If we let God lead us.

When I look into your eyes,
I see the love of God smiling back at me.
I hope that’s what you see when you look at me.
I love you.
I thank God for you.


Now that we’ve found each other,
today we’re finally made whole


Nona Fay has just released her first solo CD, "First Things First" on March 30th, 2008. We have had some local airplay for The title song "First Things First"and are currently seeking more.

Set List

Depending on the venue, se do a mix of original and cover songs both Christian and country/pop. Some of our Christian covers are: Shout to The Lord, Open The Eyes of My Heart,You Are Holy,Jesus Lover Of My Soul,We Fall Down, They'll Know We are Christians By OUr Love, amazing Grace, The Lord Will Keep my Safe Holy. country covers:Kerosene, In My Daughter"s Eyes, Love Can Build A bridge, Don't Be Cruel, Leave The Pieces, Suds In The Bucket, and many other classic and contemporary country- We typically do a 45 minute set, but can work out whatever the venue needs.