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Los Angeles, California, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2017 | INDIE | AFM

Los Angeles, California, United States | INDIE | AFM
Established on Jan, 2017
Band Hip Hop R&B




"No Name Lane: viciousness with class & style"

Hello No Name Lane, before we start let me clarify this man is a artist and a MMA fighter,... thanks for talking with us for a minute, we understand you have a lot going on… with all the music and fighting matches. Let’s begin this with a common question. Growing up, what artists had a profound influence on you? As an artist and maybe even a fighter.

I've always been very versatile. Not only did I listen to a lot music, but I played a lot of different instruments and I love a lot of different genres because of my versatility. One thing I've always tended to do was stay me even at a young age. I listened to everything… from Linkin Park, and Sublime, to Nelson Freire and Ludwig van Beethoven, from UGK to Lil Wayne, from Bassnectar to Skrillex. I listened to it all, I still listen to it all and, you know, always stay me--THAT'S KEY!

And as a fighter?

Even in this fight game, I watch fighters like Chuck, to Conor, and to Floyd. I've always just seen competition as a bar set... that I know I can beat.

Awesome, we’ve heard your work and seen you fight, and versatility shines through. So next question, If you had a radio station, what would you wish people to understand about your show?

Energy! Vibes! Openness! LIFE for what it is! Facts! Facts are just what the world needs on top of good ass music.

Alright, nice! When did you realize music would be the goal?

Since the age of 8, I knew I would be one of the all-time ‘music greats’… now it’s my time to implement the process even more. My time is coming!

For sure! Tell us about your new album coming up.

MAYNE mixtape 433.4 dropping! The title is actually derived from the 5 different places I grew up in. I added up the area codes and divided it by 5 got 433.4 and that's me! 433.4 is going to be a mixtape series like DC1 - DC6 etc.... and a follow up called "The Art of Finesse"… and it will be the TAKE OVER FOR ME, watch, that project is going to take off on all platforms. Shot by Spencer actually made the album cover which is dope to me, after watching and seeing all his work over time gain notoriety. For me, next is the videos! I'm working hard! Every single track is a damn hit… in its own way! I did this knowing it will mean inevitable success.

Hell yeah! We know you will have it. Another question, since you are a fighter and an artist, before a match or show... do you have a pre-fight, pre-set ritual... and are they the same?

Honestly, back stage I have on classical music and a very few select songs running in my mind. The fight game is all mental I don’t go about hyping myself up over a song-- I'm living in moment and am focused… I guess you can say. If for music, I'm loose and having fun, then I go between the ‘focus’ tracks and ‘get loose feel myself’ tracks. In the end, I'm in my own world.

Now for the corporate product message to mess up the conversation… how have Ear Elf earplugs been treating you?

I was surprised to find how well they worked! On top of still being able to hear clear, and to a level that I find pleasing, I can enjoy the music. Definitely, being worn on stage!

Thank you! We are happy you could use them, and find them enjoyable. To close this session, and we hope to talk again in the future, what can fans and new fans see from NoNameLn this year?

This year will be my most active year for me hands down! I got Grammy’s and world titles coming my way.

Thanks for this time with us No Name Lane, we are very grateful for you giving us this opportunity to chat. - Ear Elf


Still working on that hot first release.



Andre Hafer, better known by NoNameLn simply leaves all asking "What doesn't he do?!" Not only as a artist, but a human. Ln (Lane) 25 grew up all over the U.S. giving him a unique style, flow, and outlooks. Rapping since the age of 8 playing the viola, guitar and piano. Ln began to record himself on his own at the age of 8, with his close friends whom now are all successful in the music industry. With his vision, ambition, and drive. Ln found himself in "the right place at the right time" for what seems to be to many times to be a coincidence. Being on stage from the age of 8 with the likes of Snoop Dogg, and The Game. At a young age he was exposed to everything even then he had dreamed of. Ln has performed all over the U.S from ATL, NY, IL, TX, NM, CO, AZ, CA. Opening/Hosting for and with artist such as T.I., Young Dro, Lil Bibby, Young Jeezy, Futuristic, Kirko Bangz, O.T. Genesis, Migos and more. Releasing his first project to Apple Music, Spotify, and all major platforms in September 2018 The Art Of Finesse. NoNameLn has brought a sound, a energy, performances, and lasting style to set him apart getting him where he is now. Turning down multiple offers and opportunities, keeping to true to what he says "No one will be able to say I MADE YOU." One thing is definite NoNameLn is a star on a valiant rise. 

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