Saline, Michigan, USA

Undecided is an alternative rock band capturing the talents and influences of teenagers from the Ann Arbor, MI area. Undecided is continually evolving, creating hard driving melodies with haunting keyboards, and soaring vocals.


This is a diversely talented group of hard working and high achieving teens from Saline, Tecumseh and Ann Arbor. The band members have years of training on their instruments, and skills extremely advanced for their age. They are positive and humble, with very high standards. The band has support from family, friends and the community. They enjoy writing original music, but are inspired by and cover bands such as Evanescence, Coheed & Cambria, Skillet, and Three Days Grace to name a few.


Sweet Ignorance - original by Undecided

A Favor House Atlantic - cover of Coheed & Cambria by Undecided

Don't Go - original by Undecided