This East Coast quartet play punk rock filled with catchy melodies and rockin' riffs.


If you're gonna use a Spinal Tap reference as your band name, you'd better expect some personnel problems.

The band began in Philadelphia in Winter, 2000, shortly after Jason Shevchuk quit Kid Dynamite. Hometown heroes, Kid Dynamite had released two well received LPs and toured the United States extensively, but a full-time band interfered with its vocalist’s film making work and education at film school. But Jason found it hard to stay away from music and quickly began writing songs that he and his bass playing roommate Dan would practice in their living room. Though he only sang in Kid Dynamite, Jason now played guitar, writing both music and lyrics.

Shortly after the release of the 7”, the band again lost its drummer. Paul Delaney eventually recruited to pick up the slack and dedication that the former rhythm section had lacked. Delaney continues to serve time with NYHC veterans Kill Your Idols, but wanted so badly to be part of None More Black that he continues to commute from Brooklyn to Central Jersey twice weekly for practice.

Constantly writing, the band recorded and sent out its newest material to a host of labels garnering the interest of Fat and other prominent indie labels. The band chose Fat, signed in January, and wasted no time in getting into the studio to record its 15 song debut LP File Under Black. Don¹t let the line-up changes fool you. None More Black isn’t a band to make enemies. File Under Black was recorded by former drummer Nick Rotundo at his Clay Creek Studios.

Like scorned lovers, the punk scene can be unwilling to let it’s musicians move on after a messy break-up. Jason knows the band could easily fall into the “Oh, it’s the dude from Kid Dynamite’s band” stigma. But he’s not afraid. “We’ve already been labeled that”. he said. “I think once the record comes out, nobody is going to care what band any of us used to be in. I feel Kid Dynamite made their mark and I was part of it. I’m very proud of Kid Dynamite. I’m also very proud of None More Black. I’m able to make music, but I can’t control what draws people to it. Hopefully it’s the tunes.”

Jason, who has already written nearly another two albums worth of material, feels that, “the first None More Black record is going to the best record I’ve ever been a part of. The process has taken so long, I’m overjoyed at the fact that it’s finally going to happen. Very few people know what a struggle it’s been for me to get this band on it’s feet. It almost didn’t happen several times. I’m very proud of it. I think we all are”.


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