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The best kept secret in music


"Reaching for the stars"

Clint Wiley knows firsthand the road to success as a musician is paved with the broken dreams of wannabe rock stars.

The lead vocalist, and songwriter of None Other, an Orlando-based modern rock band that plays at local venues such as the Flagler Tavern and and Ocean Walk's Adobe Gilas, said not everyone has what it takes to make it big.

With four CDs and a steady stream of gigs that keep Wiley and the other three band members- Jacob Reid, Mike Thornton and John Zakis - from needing daytime jobs, the band is on the verge of achieving national attention.

But, Wiley said, it was not an overnight accomplishment. It took a combination of talent, luck, and primarily, hard work, he said.

"It has taken years and years of pounding the pavement, meeting club owners and getting refected time and time again," the 25-year-old explainged. "For every good thing that has happened, there have been a dozen bad things."

Wiley began more than a decade ago singing and performing in his hometown of Charlotte, N.C., with friends in high school. He perfomred in "battle of the bands" contests and learned the hard way that he needed more practice. "We were absolutely horrible," Wiley said, laughing. "My mom actually heard it and she said, 'honey, you might not want to sing anymore.'"

He opted instead to work harder and take professional voice lessons. In college, Wiley played in bands and after graduating, decided that he "really , really , wanted to do music full-time." "I stated that from the onset, this would be a really serious business, " he said. "This will be a career and not a hobby."

Wiley formed None Other about five years ago and created a sound similar to that of popular bands like matchbox 20 and Third Eye Blind. The trick was not finding talented musicians, it was finding people serious about performing for the rest of their lives - and making the necessary sacrifices. "they all want to be a rock star, but before you end up making a good living, you are going to make almost nothing," Wiley said. "You have to get a horrid day job that pays nothing to be able to rehearse and perform.

"It's all about the audience," Clint said. "I love seeing the people's reaction to the music, it's all about changing their mood and making them feel good. It took a lot of work without a lot of money to do that in the beginning, When we first started, we would play anyplace that would give us a chance," he said. "We played for free, just to get our name out. It was a solid year and a half before any clubs with money were interested in us." Even some of the more glamorous venues, such as House of Blues and Hard Rock Cafe', didn't pay anything, he said. The opportunity to play there was their reward.

Wiley recently had an opportunity to meet one of his musical heroes - Art Alexakis, lead singer of the band "Everclear". "I had dinner with (him), " Wiley said. "He was a super nice guy, very cool and nery gracious." What were Alexakis' words of wisdom? "He said, 'It's a business and you gotta treat it as a business. It's fun and everybody loves the idea of being a rock star but to be successful, you have to be good at the business of it,'"Wiley said.

But that wsn't news to None Other's singer. Wiley had more than 10 years to learn the business of making the band a success. Now, even his mom is impressed- finally. "Our fourth album came out the first week of January and I sent it to my mom. She called me and for the first time she said she was really impressed. She said she forgot she wasn't listening to the radio."
- The Daily Journal

"Spotlight On None Other"

The name "None Other" says it all for this band. Thereis no other band as ready to blow-up. As a Daytona native and musician myself, I appreciate None Other's attack, grace, and stage presence, which are consistent in every performance. You will have to stand back , though, because when these boys get rolling, the intensity of their energy seriously kicks the momentum into high gear. The members of the band have been pounding the stage with their well-matched styles since 1999. Smooth, tight, and highly spirited, this band has the look, the ability, and the sound to go places. They are young, driven and not only accepted but also anticipated throughout central Florida.

After much prompting from the masses, I grabbed a friend and cought None Other for the first time at the Flagler Tavern in New Smyrna Beach. It was Friday night, and the place was wall-to-wall people from 21 year olds to 50-somethings. Better than any drug, the thick guitars, powerful vocals, solid rhythm section, ideal tone, faultless mix, and perfect sound rocked my head. None Other pumps out high-energy guitar driven rock, pop, and punk, all mixed into one. None Other's impressive song list is an estimated 60 percent covers and 40 percent originals. True artists! Even the covers have a twist of originality.

None Other sounds even better in person than they do on thier latest album- if that's possible! Recorded in late 2001, Mad Cowboys and Girls, their third career CD, shows the mind-blowing versatility of their music. You should see None Other as soon as possible, because before long you'll be standing in line and paying big bucks for tickets. This band is moving to the top!
- Backstage Pass Magazine


Not In Anger- LP 2004
Long Story Short-LP 2003
Mad Cowboys and Girls-LP 2002
What If-LP 2001
You're Not Welcome Here-Single 2002-3 Radio Airplay: WTKS Orlando, WOCL Orlando, WJRR Orlando, WZTA Miami and WVYB Daytona Beach.
Cheap Luxury-Single 2004


Feeling a bit camera shy


Formed in 1998, None Other has matured into an experienced band, playing over 250 shows a year and selling over 5,000 independently released albums in 2002 and 2003.
Backstage Pass Magazine says “The name ‘none other’ says it all for this band. There is no band as ready to blow-up. Smooth, tight, and highly spirited, this band has the look, the ability, and the sound to go places. They are young, driven, and not only accepted but also anticipated. This band is moving to the top”.
None Other won the 2003 National Band Search, sponsored by Hawaiian Tropic, Gibson Guitars and Infinity Sound, beating over 150 bands in 25 cities.
"The future looks bright for none other. The band is tight, skilled, and MTV-ready" -Connections Magazine.