None The Wiser

None The Wiser


None The Wiser, hard working, dedicated, very creative and progressive.


What sets this group apart is a very high level of
creativty and the ability to grow and evolve.
Five years of tight friendship, paying attention to
each other and the music to work as one unit to
reach one goal, with songwriting as the focus.
Influences between this group
Hendrix, Tool, Nirvana, Funk R&B, any Blues


Our first disc is expected for release in Oct. 2005
writen and recorded by us.
We have two demo discs in circulation apox. 150
copies sold. Airplay 100.3 CKMS we are live to air
Sun. Feb. 27 10:00pm 100.3

Set List

Instrumental intro. about 10 songs with a very strong finish. rarely any covers if so Hendrix Voodoo Child, Tool, Nirvana
set list
1 Trait
2 Empty Cause
3 IN
4 Breach of trust
5 Gravity
6 In
7 Any thing at all
8 muck jug
9 Blisterface
10 M.O.T.R