NONEWEREFOUND is a horror based metal band form Northwest Arkansas that plans to make a mark on the planet by playing everywhere and not stoping for anyone.


Of winter, 2003, the northwest arkansas based horror metal band, 'nonewerefound' has made a name for themselves by touring throughout Midwest/West Coast over a dozen times. Although, metal is not the only inspiration that they hold, the band as a whole has a wide range of influences from classical to grindcore, industrial, hardcore.. to name a few.
Some memorable performances were with bands such as; Summers End, The Acacia Strain, Embrace The End, Since The Flood, The Chariot, Winter Solstice, Societys Finest, He Is Legend, As Cities Burn, The Warriors, Deadsoil, Calico System, Ion Dissonance, Swarm Of The Lotus, Animosity, Twelve Tribes, Michale Graves, and Rwake.
The band has focused on finishing up recording the rest of their debut 10 song LP (CHILDREN OF THE NIGHT) this winter and plans to release it in the new year, endlessly tour East to West and everything in between, or even outside those boundries in the next winter. Not holding any emotions back from the writing process of this album they are ready to show the world and more what it really means to merge two of the greatest labels together, horror fucking metal!


Demo - E.P. MMVII (released Spring '07)
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Set List

Dead Alive
Black Thursday
Home Is Where The Grave Is
The Top Hat Murders
A Night to Dismember