Nonfiction is a rock band like no other, with a unique sound and a passion for their faith and their music.. We just want to spread what we believe through distinct and loud music with a powerful lyrical edge to it. Nonfiction is the hard rock/progressive band you've been waiting for.


Nonfiction's music is a reflection of the analogous characters of its members. The four members of the band share similar ideals for life and living allowing them to work very effectively, efficiently and be very creative and productive in the realm of music.

Nonfictions roots stretch back to 1999 when Steve bought his first electric guitar and began working with the bands first and only permanent bass player Ben Sloetjes. Their Sunday afternoon jam sessions in the church basement led to a variety of covers and the composing of some simple punk songs. Though they both knew Dave, he didn't join the band until the summer of 2000. When that happened, the bands music had a change of face due to Daves style of writing and playing music. They began to compose with a different style and some of their earliest songs like The Way, Temptation, Straight and Reach were the result.

For the first time the band had aspirations of recording and taking their original compositions on the road. So they began the hunt for a drummer and a recording studio. Over the next year, Steve met Nate Calford while attending Brock University and he joined the band as Nonfictions first drummer. Shortly after this, Steve met Jeremy Royce at a friends wedding who is the owner and founder of Tyneside Studios. This put the right pieces in place for a recording to happen. All looked good for Nonfiction.

It was September of 2002, the band had set a studio date and a four song demo was the goal. Then the most unbelievable thing happened. Two days before they hit the studio, Ben suffered a catastrophic accident that left him with severe brain damage. (For more information on the incident, read the story from discography section of the website.) As Ben fought to hang unto life over the next few months, Steve and Dave came to the realization that his brain damage would render him unable to play bass again. A year after this event Nate left the band for personal reasons. Steve and Dave jammed with a variety of drummers but all efforts were in vain. Nonfictions future looked bleak.

It was at this critical point in May 2004, that Steve met Jeff who after one conversation and no audition joined the band for the purpose of recording the album Truth. He has remained true to the cause since that time. They began editing and revising their song selection for the album and decided to put the original four songs that they intended to use on the demo as well as five new cuts (Life, Desire, Saviour, Praise Song and Bens Song). As the recording progressed they decided to add two acoustic and two piano songs to the mix to help fill out the album (for more information on the details of the recording, click on CD under the Information section on the website).

Though they had their share of tough times, Nonfiction remained true to their dreams of playing and recording music and sincerely thank all those who patiently waited for the album to come together. It wasn't easy, but it was worth it. "If I had to do it all again, I'd do it all again," said Steve the bands lead singer. The band hopes you enjoy their efforts reflected in the album Truth and that you will join them at a live show in the future.

The most recent band member additions are Jesse Sloetjes on bass and Phil Meissner on drums. They have both been able to present a new sound and style of music to the table. Nonfiction has been writing new music in which will be included on a new album in the next couple of years.


Nonfiction's debut and only album, Truth, was released in 2006 and as of now the band is writing new music for the making of a new album that is yet to come.

Set List

Our average set list would consist of Reach, The Way, Praise Song, Ignorance, and an all time favorite...Temptation.