Experimentation lowers the risk of being someone else.


nonlinear.system.theory is a band from the suburban bars of Turin.
The intrinsic empirical nonlinearity orientates experimentalism
towards the field of perception and has to be intended
as a natural awakening from the present rhythmic senescence,
a sort of non-conventional contrappasso.
Influences swing from Mazurkas to Death Hip-Hop,
from Concrete Live Electronics to Grugliasco-Core.
The frequency hazard and the technological contribution
are fundamental members of the band just like
Cre, bieco, Giove and Luchi.
The band, born in the end of 2006, sings with Subsound Records
to produce -Fourier's Outrage-, out in February 2008
and with Alkemist Fanatix Europe management and promotion.
That's all folks!
nonlinear.system.theory is building trade, weapons,
math, grotesque, medicines and 学习中国语.


Luigi ate Damon

Written By: Crespi Andrea

I stare at you
cause I'd want to
be upsetting
please don't make me

Hear your life-style
Hear what you are
I would lighten
failure of myself?

Wait to judge it simple jest
A and B can take you straight to my mind

I might have gone
so much time
out of mind between
veins and fleshes…
Here's not what I
asked for this life.

below job

Written By: Crespi Andrea

Below job?
Down on knees…
This is a plain metaphor…
an embarrassing spur to blow your mind up

"Oral sex had been considered to be a taboo or at least frowned upon in many cultures and parts of the world.
Reasons mentioned are that this sexual act does not lead to procreation, or that is a humiliating and unclean practice."


"The common slang term blow-job is a misnomer, as blowing is not normally part of fellatio.
It has been suggested to be a corruption of "below-job", allegedly an old Victorian slang term that was commonly used to describe the act."

"Blowjob, I don't think it's fair"

"I'll tell you what's fair and what's not"

"The phrase "blow-job" has its origins in the 1940's."

nonlinear outrage

Written By: Andrea Crespi

"Amore litigarello tu sei per me
un rastrello nei miei pensier
la vendemmia, amore bello
è finita e cala il sol".

Oh, what do you see?
Oh, what do you hear?
What does it mean?
What does it seem?
Nonlinear outrage.


"Fourier's Outrage" album, out during March, 2008 and currently working on a new one.
01. standalone
02. too tired to live
03. the hunger of Luigi
04. Luigi ate Damon
05. my shiver
06. nonlinear outrage
07. 96
08. below job
09. what you deserve
10. rose-scented catharsis
11. nothing more than silence
12. buonanotte Mr. Fourier

Set List

Typical set is about 35-45 mins.
Set list depends on the event.
We even have an electro-acoustic set for "calm" but important situations.