Nonne Mc

Nonne Mc

 Warriewood, New South Wales, AUS
BandHip HopAlternative

Our sound varies from different genres (Blues, Funk, Reggae) mixed in with hip hop drum beats, Vocals and wordplay which sets us apart from most hip hop acts you see out today.


2 skaters (Marley Sherman & Nonne) who met at the local skatepark and became friends through the love of skating and hip-hop.

Started jamming together and created "ill chills vol1" a mix tape that was released at the beginning of 2012 (which air played on radio stations) and the song "It's All in My Head" featured on rap compilation which printed over 5000 units nation wide.

Also featured in magazines such as Drum Media, Inpress, Blunt Magazine + Many more.

They have recently recorded Ill Chills Volume 2 and have gained a following from the album.


Reaper MUSIC VIDEO - Single from ill chills vol1
It's All In My Head - featured on rap compilation "hits from the song"
ILL CHILLS VOL1 - regular radio play
Gotta Be Clever - fBi favourites
ILL CHILLS VOL2 - Just released.

Set List

50 Minute set list. Can cut out songs or add songs.

We have a DJ/Producer which sets up through the PA.

And 2 wireless mics to set up through the PA.