Nono Garcia

Nono Garcia

 Madrid, Madrid, ESP

An eclectic musician unlike any other, traveling from Andalucia to Granada, from the mist of Flanders to the Madrid night life, between Samba and Flamenco, between the Blues and Be-bop, between the Spanish guitar and the African Kora. Nono Garcia was one of the first to fuse Jazz and Flamenco .


Nono García was born in Barbate, Andalucia, and grew up with flamenco music, learning to play the guitar from a very early age. At 15 he obtains the 1st prize of the ‘Andalucian song festival’.

In Granada, where he studied philosophy at university, he discovered jazz music, and over the years developed a very personal style. He performed with singers like Carlos Cano, Antonio Mata, and Aurora Moreno, with whom he also recorded two albums of sefardic and old Spanish repertoire.

Living in Belgium from 86 till 95, he played for several years with ‘Vaya Con Dios’ and participated on their first album, besides performing his own music, solo or with his group.

He took classes at the Brussels Conservatory, and also nourished his great interest for Persian culture by studying the traditional Iranian music and old Persian poetry and metrics.

His first c.d. ‘Las Quimeras del Momento’ (1992 - Quetzal Music) was very well received by public and press, and confirmed his talent as composer and fine guitar player, with a totally original and beautiful musicBased again in Madrid since 95, Nono García performed with many different artists (like Martirio, Javier Ruibal, Eva Durán, Las Hijas del Sol, Azúcar Moreno, Luis Pastor, Gema y Pavel), but played mostly with his own ensemble. Either in trio with bassist Javier Colina and Tino Di Geraldo or Guillermo McGuill on percussion and in quartet adding either sax/flautist Jorge Pardo, or the superb harmonica player Antonio Serrano and the very talented flamenco singer Eva Duran, a combination that greatly affected the Spanish public. He has composed for theatre, TV and cinema and is in demand as an artistic producer.

On the CD ‘Digitano’ a project of Juanjo Valmorisco mixing flamenco and tecno, Nono contributed several compositions.
His CD ‘Atún y Chocolate’ was released in June 2002, produced by famous Spanish actor Gabino Diego on his label Alia Records (distr. by Karonte). The c.d. received great acclaim in Spanish and international press, and at the concerts in Madrid, Granada, Brussels etc… the artists received standing ovations. The CD received the prestigious ‘Premio Flamenco Hoy 2002’ (the ‘Oscars of flamenco’) for best guitar album.

The success of this album led Spanish actor Pablo Carbonell to use Nono Garcia’s music for his new film which was called after the title track “Atún y Chocolate” and which was released in April 2004. It received great acclaim from the press. (see the website of the film :

Traditional flamenco remains the basis for Nono García’s compositions and playing, but influences of other styles like jazz, Latin, Brazilian and oriental music are apparent. Far from just superimposing these influences, they are digested into creative musical writing. He is considered as one of the pioneers and most accomplished representatives of the so called “nueva flamenco”.

“With a knapsack loaded with experiences the guitarist of Barbate has reunited with a very diverse song book in order to shape his concept of the planetary song. His versatile guitar playing incorporates lessons from blues, jazz or bossa nova adding to the colorful universality of his flamenco roots. Or in the inverse, he uses flamenco to colour the melodies of other cultures.
Driven by an innate curiosity and the certainty that there exists a common language between many styles. Nono applied the principle of the Greek philosopher Heraclitus “the life is a river and my way to materialize it is through Music”
Fermin Lobatón - El Pais


Las Quimeras del Momento .1991. Quetzal Tunes.
Atun y Chocolate.2001. Sorondongo.
BSO.Atun y Chocolate 2004. Warner-Dro.
Al filo de la Medianoche 2008 18 Chulos.

Vaya con Dios.Vaya con Dios.1989.
Chano Dominguez. Hecho a mano.+soundtracks.
Martirio. Coplas de Madrugá+Mucho corazón
Javier Krahe. Todo es vanidad


Set List

TREM CAIPIRA (Heitor Villalobos)
GIPSY DREAMS (Helios Ferré)
LA LUNA Y EL TORO (Castellanos)
RUMBAIAO (Nono García)
MANOIR DE MES REVES (Django Reinhart)
LEVANTITO (Tito Alcedo)
DJANGOLOGY (Django Reinhart)
VOLAORES (Nono García)
NUAGES (Django Reinhart)
MOJAMA BLUES (Nono García)