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Denver, Colorado, United States | SELF

Denver, Colorado, United States | SELF
Band EDM Hip Hop


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"Web: oYahoo! Music various songs added to playlist future Promotions are in development with film makers •Itunes,,, oUp for consideration for TIMA Compilation so"


• Bayou Classic After Party with !! New Orleans, LA
•Open up for Buzzy Bone/Q Loco at Casselman’s in Denver, CO.
•Open up for Tech9ine in Kansas City, MO.
•Open up for Underground Compound, Miami FL
•Rednofive Dallas, TX.
Major University’s in Midwest


•“Get It On” (M6)

• Radio:

•NC State University
•WKNC 88.1
•University of Maryland: Terp Radio
•University of Texas: Longhorn Radio
•Virginia Tech University WUVT 90.7 FM
•XM Radio Networks

**List upon request: Over 20 internet radio stations to list


Comprising of Male singer/rapper Northern Colorado locally NoNo Baby..

Listeners on A...

Promotion at University’s:
•Colorado State Hall Promotion
5,000 Promotional Sampler CDs to be given out at University’s (in Colorado) beginning in October 2010 solely featuring music NoNo Baby
University of Colorado
University of Denver
Northern University Colorado
University of Nebraska
University of Kanas
•Hot Topic Retail, Inc.

Television: In the works with Independent films

*List upon requests, too many to list

oYahoo! Music
various songs added to playlist
future Promotions are in development
•find NoNo Babys music on Itunes,Amazon mp3,EMusic,Zune,Nokia,ShockHound,Napster,Thumbplay,IMVU,,,
oUp for consideration for TIMA Compilation song

•Featured on various sites such as:

Featured in Success Magazine:

Hip Hop Stardom 101 Magazine
•Jess Blue Entertainment
•5280 Magazine
Fly Magazine

fan reviews

Reviewer: Ezie
It totally rocks my world every time I listen to it. It sounds amazing, will love it!

Reviewer: Amanda
All I can say is OFF THE HOOK!!! I cannot get enough of it! Definitely looking forward to an upcoming album!

Awesome CD!
Reviewer: Kris
I don’t know why Colorado isn't large on the scene yet, but they should be. NoNo has a different mix of, infused with this amazing hip hop vibe that makes me stop and say "Thank you, NoNo! You rock my world."

Hot new sound
Reviewer: devan
I am surprised at the reason you are not everywhere. “Awesome” The favorite is Playing Too Hard TO Change because it starts out interesting but drops the hook that pulls you into the song. I like all songs on this CD and I am so glad I got this CD. Where are are you performing and why are you not available. Very hard to find unless you google. NoNo is next hot thing and will be huge because they rock

Reviewer: JF
Loving it. Discovered NoNo on iTunes and HHGTVGRINDER.COM on-line Radio Mac streaming radio. Difficult CD to find thanks ITunes. Been listening to it since I’ve received it. This is very well put together album and I look forward to hear more of their next work. Sweeeet!

This is original music and talent at its best!
Reviewer: Henry Morse owner night club
This cd is well produced. The lyrical content and melody lines are original and fresh. The talent speaks for itself.

Reviewer: Kimberly
I absolutely LOVED this cd! It is totally amazing! NoNo’s Raspy rap voice blend amazingly together! The songs are so sincere and deep! I loved it!!

Damn. This is good. Can you say next big thing?
Man. This is some good stuff. I'm actually not a huge fan of modern hip hop, I usually prefer old school stuff like DRe...but I just can't help but love this CD. NoNo has a beautiful voice, and he can flo with the best of them. His mix provides great background vocals and strums very catchy.

Awesome, Amazing!!
Reviewer: Shannon
I love this cd, I cannot put it down whatsoever! The songs are so catchy and it fits me so well! I love the music! I'll def be getting other's to listen and buy! :) NoNo is an amazing awesome kid out there! Saw him locally twice so far! :)

You need to get this!
Reviewer: Chelsea Anderson
I saw these guys open for Backstreet Boys and although the crowd was not hyped up at the time, the cd was sold out. Which is why I bought it from cdbaby. I was surprised at how cheap the cd was for such awesome quality. I would recommend this cd to anyone and I already have to all of my friends. My favorite song is #7

Reviewer: Diana
wow...this cd is really cool. I was listening to NoNo songs when i was at one show in Nebraska and i just thought that i would have to buy his cd. it's really great. The description that the music is evanescence meets pretty true. NoNo is a lot like nobody I ever hear. He has the same eye catching quality. I really like his rapping and I’m not a rap person. Go NoNo

Rock on!!
Reviewer: Chrissie
this music makes me want to get up and shake something! Finally some kick ass music straight out of my home state!

Freshest thing to come out of Colorado
Reviewer: Adam
NoNo is a new and refreshing approach to the rap/hip hop genre. You get the smooth tone of NoNo’s voice as well as his unique rapping style.

- •Featured on various sites such as: http:/


Get It On feat m6
Brag TaYa Friends
Miss Rodeo
Dress Up to Get Messed Up
Got me Flying
I'm Known As SuS



Most people who meet NoNo recognize, in NO TIME, "Talent". NoNo, a rapping, singing, song-writing and producer, He considers himself the “NEXTGEN". He is known for bringing real-life subject matter and laying it over melodic tracks, with the intent of pulling emotion out of the listeners. and having fun with the lyrics. When asked if there was anything that he could not do, NoNo quickly replied, “Life is too short to wonder if you can't do it, "JUST DO IT". The sincerity in his voice assured fans of his desires. Now at 26 years old, NoNo has been writing songs and rapping for over 12 years. He began simply to ventilate his frustrations. After reciting some of his material, and receiving a positive response from fans, he knew that music was the only path for him. It all started in Omaha,Nebraska in a small basement with only a drum pad. but soon thereafter he found himself standing on a stage, where he gathered reactions from hundreds of absolute strangers, who quickly accepted his magnetic persona and witty cuts towards competitors. Crowds began to grow each time he performed events. Recently he has been more into writing songs that relate to you, the listener, as opposed to talking trash about the next man. He hopes to lyrically influence future generations of artists. NoNo began teaming up with other beat makers which one of them was his cousin FWP. With the resources he has available, NoNo was able to find his style, voice and focus on achieving the greatness that he desired. As a self-taught producer he started with a trial and error method, added his desire to constantly improve, subtracted many nights of sleep and is now where you may find him, bringing his own style of uniqueness to an industry that is beginning to lack differentiation. He took a similar approach towards his decision to sing and incorporate his love for all genres into his music, he began singing/rapping, a rough start but his track record is a good indicator to fans that he’ll be doing just that. With an ever-increasing fan base and featured track placements, the music scene is onto him… One way or another. NoNo is not just an artist. He wears many hats. College student are among them. NoNo is constantly striving to be a better role model; family and fan's. With the example that he sets it is hard to believe that they will be anything but His work ethic, near impossible to exceed, and having dreams. that are so close, it is easy to see why he tells his fan's that anything is possible. He hopes that you will feel the same as you go through your life. Accomplish your goals and chase your dreams.

Much Love, NoNo