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San Diego, California, United States

San Diego, California, United States
Band Rock Punk


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"Non Prophet interview with Skratch Magazine"

Interview with Non Prophet
San Diego-based punk outfit Non Prophet is looking to make their mark on the scene with the brand-new CATALYST EP. Citing classic punk influences, yet still putting a slight hardcore twist on their product, (as well as employing a vocalist who sounds uncannily like Rise Against vocalist Tim McIlrath) it won't be long before Non Prophet starts garnering the attention they're looking for. SKRATCH recently got a chance to conduct an e-mail interview with the guys in the band to see just what it is that they're after.

SKRATCH: What sets Non Prophet apart from other bands in the hardcore scene?

NON PROPHET: What sets us apart from other bands is that we are trying to do something unlike what everyone else is doing right now, and that is PUNK ROCK. We all grew up listening to bands like Bad Religion, Strung Out, Lagwagon and Rise Against. Because of that, our music is very much influenced by those bands and we want to incorporate elements of that style into our own music. Punk is very honest and passionate music, and that's what we love about it.

SKRATCH: What has been the most important thing to happen to NP so far?

NP: Well, we just bought a van! Now we can tour! In January of this year we recorded the CATALYST EP with producer Ryan Greene. We were in the studio for just under a month. Shortly thereafter, our new bass player Blake joined the band, and we've been wanting to tour ever since. Hopefully, we'll be coming soon to a town near you! Also, we were featured on MySpace for a week back in July! That was really cool..and now the new SKRATCH Magazine comp! We are very excited!

SKRATCH: Any disasters?

NP: No, not really. Jeff broke his leg a while ago...that really sucked. He was out of commission for quite some time. But it healed quickly, and we got right back on track.

SKRATCH: What do you look for people to take away from a NP show?

NP: A good time! That's what it's all about. We like it when the crowd is responsive, but even if only one person is singing along...that's fine with us. We write our music predominantly for us, but we love it when people show their interest and support. It is very humbling. We feel grateful that we even have fans!

SKRATCH: How did the band start?

NP: We started out about two years ago now. We were all in other bands around the San Diego area, and we met each other through our mutual friends and through personal ads. We had a few line-up changes at first, but we eventually figured it all out. We all have a similar taste in music as well, so that helps.

SKRATCH: What is the strongest element of NP's music?

NP: That is a tough one...we are pretty passionate about our music and our performances. We try to keep the crowd moving from beginning to end. We try to write music that is moving, interesting, and thought provoking.

SKRATCH: What are NP's main goals for the immediate future?

NP: Touring and writing new songs. We've wanted to do both for a while now, so that's what is up next.

SKRATCH: Anything else you want to add for readers?

NP: Check out our MySpace page for updates on tour dates, buying our music and merch, and other upcoming events! Also, Non-Prophet is on iTunes!!!
For more information on Non Prophet and the CATALYST EP, check out their MySpace at
To comment on this or any other piece you see in SKRATCH, feel free to e-mail us at
- Skratch Magazine (Tyler Davidson)

"The Catalyst Review in SD Reader"

Hometown CDs
By Ollie
Published May 10, 2007
[Hometown from previous weeks]

The Modlins
Non-Prophet's music is quick, driving, and tight. They've taken cues from late-model punk, heavy metal, some of the harder elements of emo, and mixed the concoction into a straightforward, rocking album.

It's certainly not experimental: lightning guitar fingering and racing rhythms are presented with no excess of fat. Andrew Forbregd's vocals are high-pitched without being shrill and intense without scream-singing. All the musicians are better than your average local band, but Jeff Fields stands out with his hot-rod V-8 popping of the drums.

The running narrative of the album is angst and disillusionment. "Vigil" is about a return to apathy from concern after tragedy; 9/11 is never mentioned outright, but it's a solid guess. "Letting Go" deals with frustration with family and childhood: "You spoke of respect, but you never showed me/ How was I to learn?/ Without honesty there can never be a family."

Non-Prophet would do well with a young beach crowd at a house party or at 'Canes.

Album: The Catalyst (2007)
Artist: Non-Prophet
Label: self-released
Where available/price: Hindsight Rehearsal Studios in Miramar for $10 or at live shows for $8. Online at CDBaby for $10; iTunes for $.99/song.
Songs: 1) American Tragedy 2) Letting Go 3) Non-Prophet
4) Something to Prove 5) New Beginnings 6) Vigil
Band: Andrew Forbregd (vocals), Jeff Fields (drums), Neil Hamovitch (guitar), Xernan Lacson (guitar), Blake Wilshusen (bass)
Website: - Review by the San Diego Reader

"Cane's Show Review (San Diego)"

Show Review: Grand Ole Party, Fifty on Their Heels, Non Prophet, David Hermsen

First off- from a ticket sales perspective: this was Non Prophet's crowd. At least... 80% of the crowd... was there for Non Prophet. If you haven't heard of Non Prophet, they are a five piece band and they play... kind of a heavy metal/ hardcore hybrid. It is a lot of sound. So- uh- yeah- they had the fans, most of whom left before Fifty on Their Heels played and all of whom left before the end of Grand Ole Party's set. That is just a factually true observation.

Here is their myspace page.

Check out Non Prophet!

Fifty on Their Heels is playing more of their new stuff in concert... certainly a welcome trend for me, since I've seen them a bazillion times. Something that I thought was interesting about last night's performance was Junior Metro using a bigger stage. Most of the stages that Fifty on Their Heels play on are small and close to the ground. The stage at 'Canes is about four feet off the ground and freaking enormous. That was really apparent when Non Prophet was thrashing about. For example, Junior kept trying to see how far he could run across the stage before being pulled back by his guitar plug. - Cat Dirt Sez Show review

"Top two reviews for "Standstill" @"

Fast, Driving, Variety.

This song is very engaging. It really makes me want to run a car into a tree then throw it off a bridge. The vocals match the style really well, the hook is very catchy and can easily get stuck in people's heads. The arrangement is stupendous. It makes me stupid because I think this song needs to be on my iPod.

Reviewed by: melbourneavenue from Niles, Michigan

Ear candy

wow... kicks in with lots of energy. This really has a punk feel to it, perhaps more than the average track I've had the oppertunity. Being that vocals are usually the thing that is lacking the most in punk, I would have to say that vocalist are excellent in this track. great job. I love the break down when the drums drop out a minute and a half into the song "its like the blind leading the blind." the little guitar diddy that goes hand in hand with the rhythm guitar really fits well. Love the energy and the melody. Excellent Song all around. Keep up the good work guys. this song is definitely a sweet little piece of ear candy. I'd love to hear more!

Reviewed by: CoachChris2704 from Stillwater, Oklahoma -

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Self-titled 5 song ep
The Catalyst-6 song ep



In the wake of the popularity of today's "hardcore" and/or "emo" bands; NON-PROPHET brings something new to where it seems like something has been missing. Inspired by bands like Strung Out, Rise Against, Lagwagon, and Bad Religion; NON-PROPHET is punk rock...thought provoking, dynamic, melodic, passionate, volatile, inspiring, and most importantly...necessary. PLEASE SPREAD THE WORD ABOUT NON-PROPHET and thank you for your support!" -Neil, Andrew, Jeff, Blake, and Xernan