San Diego, California, USA

We are a fast, melodic, and sometimes aggressive punk rock band reminiscent of bands like Strung Out, Rise Against, or Thrice. Our live performance is passionate and very energetic.


In the wake of the popularity of today's "hardcore" and/or "emo" bands; NON-PROPHET brings something new to where it seems like something has been missing. Inspired by bands like Strung Out, Rise Against, Lagwagon, and Bad Religion; NON-PROPHET is punk rock...thought provoking, dynamic, melodic, passionate, volatile, inspiring, and most importantly...necessary. PLEASE SPREAD THE WORD ABOUT NON-PROPHET and thank you for your support!" -Neil, Andrew, Jeff, Blake, and Xernan


Self-titled 5 song ep
The Catalyst-6 song ep

Set List

Current Set List:

American Tragedy
Something to Prove
The Royal Tease
Independent's Day
Bad Advice
Letting Go
New Beginnings

*Typically 7-10 songs per set

*Sets are usually 30 min-1 hour long, depending on venue