Nonstop to Cairo (Rock/Funk/Reggae)

Nonstop to Cairo (Rock/Funk/Reggae)

 Baldwin, New York, USA

Nonstop to Cairo is energetic and fun. With a unique reggae rock sound and a relentless drive to succeed, Nonstop has grown to become a prominent band in the New York area. Credits include performing with The Wailers and War. Also voted the best band on Long Island in The Long Island Music Fest.


Nonstop to Cairo is a six piece Alternative Rock/Reggae band from Long Island, New York. Consisting of a life long friends forging their place in the world of music. After a line up change in early 2009, Nonstop expanded their sound with additional guitars, vocals, and a horn section to create a style all its own. That style has led to a constantly growing fan base and a world of opportunities. Nonstop had the privilege of being voted the best band of Long Island in the Long Island Music Festival as well as being featured in the press and on Internet radio. One such honor was being featured in a cover story on Long Island's Good Times Magazine. They've performed with larger acts including The Wailers and War. Also, Long Island's own Badfish. They've been featured at The Millennium Music Conference, The Brooklyn "Walk for life", The Rhythms of New York Television Show and The Great South Bay Music Festival.'s coverage of The Great South Bay Music Festival was accompanied by the Nonstop to Cairo song "Hair Down" and clips from their performance. With a solid base and nothing but the sky as their limit, there's no telling how far they can go. There are hundreds of reasons this band is as liked as they are, but the number one reason is simply; Nonstop to Cairo makes a great time even better.


Hair Down

Written By: Non Stop To Cairo


Baby let your hair down
So I may climb into your love
Now darling don't desert me
I've searched for miles I won't give up

When the wolf tried to block my way
A choice to make I knew I could
sacrifices must be made
Poor little girl Red Riding hood


Let me get you too the story I'm
In a fairy tale trapped within the hands of time
And a happy endings when I get my way
The stories over and it's curtains closed
cause a warm thing at night is all I use you for
And I'm tired of the same old thing

But you know I won't stop till I get to her
Until our eyes meet and my lips to hers
cause when the clock strikes twelve
you'll go away
And if we do disband
I'm gonna search till were together once again
cause your loves got my heart far far away


Eva On The Rocks

Written By: Non Stop To Cairo

I see you walking
Such confidence can't be replaced
secretly stalking your world
cause theres nothing to say


Oh Eva why are you wasting away
Oh Eva can't figure out why you stay

One can't ignore this
You walk through that door and it's true
Our eyes meet we race for the floor
With our friends in pursuit


Hey there eva won't you come with me
I'm gonna fly you across ther ocean
Over the sea
I've got a one way ticket to the promise land
You can stay wth me you can eat from my hand
Our home sweet home
music on the streets
the slidin Trombone
1,2,3 reasons why
before i'd quit this place I'd rather die

I never felt this way I
I never felt this way

faced with a choice
You must speak with a voice all your own
Stay where you are
or come fly with me to the unknown

Gypsy Jazz

Written By: Non Stop To Cairo

I can not be
held responsible
for what I say and do to you
your controls got me out of my head
I'm screaming threat
I can't let go

So long I've been under spell within
You say I do uncontrollable
your direction has left me for dead
blind as a bat
how could i know

Fear not my love
I hold you above
all this pain this
all I digest
wait for me and so soon i'll return
i've a fire to burn that i'l never show

Can't you see that i'm free as a bird
why suffer
when the pain gets you only lonely
like you're alone

All I know
i am never beyond this
I will never be honest

The High Road

Written By: Non Stop To Cairo

People act so crazy over things they cannot change
lets put them on a shelf

Why cant we be happy with the things we have in life
dont need no one else


steam is rising glaring eyes
head is racing no surprise
thoughts fuckin with the flow
these are the way that things go

let me get you to the ending '
this path i dont want to start
its always frustration
will you let me play my guitar
I've got a feeling i've been here before but that wont get me low
Cause in this world the vital lesson is
You reap what you sew
Well I tried to keep control
But my world is spinning harder
So many bumps in the road
The outcome we'd hope to see
Let my emotions get the best of me
Time keeps ticking away
But i'm still needin a change



when you slip away
Understanding has seen its day
Carve you're name in a tree
This pressures all I can take

Well it's the second time around
You've hit the ground
moving backwards nothing found
you just can't relate

And as the conversation stalls
you've hit a wall
Don't look back it's not your fault
no way to mediate



You gotta tone it down
It's just a part of life
it happens all the time
it happens all the time
watch my temperature rise

were going nowhere fast
your told to not look back
it happens all the time
it happens all the time
think im losing my mind

I lost the high road
nowhere to go
but i saved the best for last


Nonstop to Cairo- 5 song EP
Nonstop to Cairo- 3 song EP
Nonstop to Cairo (self-titled) COMING SOON!!!

Set List

Out The Picture
We Be
Gypsy Jazz
The High Road
Eva On The Rocks
No Reply
Growing Up Marigold
Hair Down
Wrecking Ball
9 Lives
Wrong Sign
Fer Nothing