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"Interview to Yoko"

am now painful even if not conscious of painful language and a painful melody.
It will be noodles if it is called a girls alternative of Japan.The highest masterpiece "GOD CABLE" release one threw one's whole soul into. About the turning point which they who pursued sadness greeted!
If it is called the girls alternative rock band which continued maintaining an image like innocent and fresh in the activity over ten years or more always sweet sweets from formation, only they are. It is noodles.
Full album "GOD CABLE" which is the 2nd sheet this time is released after a transfer to DELICIOUS LABEL of superintendence of Sawao Yamanaka of the pillows on February 14.This album is very good! The groove to consider and which can leave the body fully, and strength which the sound which is there carried out calmly. Strength of the image of light which is overflowed with presence and which glittered. ?ƒKeep on pursuing well./Don't give up. Don't get tired?„Thus, strength of the sketchy and cute message sung.
It is the smart work which rides on the band sound and jumps out in which romantic, sadness and loveliness had a vivid outline although it was a sound by assignment producing of Jin Yoshida (salon music), Sawao Yamanaka, and the self following the last work. It asked YOKO (Vo&G) about this work that should be called the turning point.
?uIs it said that it was cleared by something? The last album was released for the first time in four years, was tour, and there was a feeling of achievement very. But when it was heard from after, it was solid somewhere. So, a sound, the drifting atmosphere thought that they wanted to make anyhow "it is smart" in a keyword by the reaction this time. It was made well beyond anticipation. Although it is slow, he is not the speed of speed and the tension wanted to do a high thing, although noodles is the band of an image with a comparatively low tension this time. I think that the live was also absorbing such a thing every too just for a moment recently. If it is looking from the end, although it will think that it has seldom changed. Now which was able to do good album, this is reproduced, and it receives, and is fighting with album after this. Then, I feel that union power is increasing further now.?v
----Was it the manufacture which concentration started considerably?
?uAbout six music of music was composed on the 1st. It was somewhat amusing this time. I want to make an album early. It could do rapidly strangely and difficulties were seldom carried out. It was smooth. Old albums were "whether it is that way of carrying out music inclusion", and the situation which everybody "how this is" can grasp. Since it was all a new song, without taking out old music this time, although it had all completed, in me, everybody did not not much have time to understand only a title or grasp. Say, "It is absolutely OK and smart."?v
----Was there any "trusting some I" in Miss YOKO belief?
?uIt was such touch this time.?v
----It is uncanny. Although it thinks that there is various directivity even if it calls it reaction of a previous work, what is it that it had become settled clearly with a feeling of unification?
?uIf some works are released, even if it will be pleased 100%, something remains absolutely. The avarice that he wanted about one more music of such music. It is the touch which was, all gathered for touch and was able to be made well this time.?v
----The message nature of music is also increasing rapidly. It turns around from an imaginary image.
?uProbably the message has been writing words to itself in many cases recently. Those who are hearing it, of course want to catch by those who are hearing it. Many messages are in themselves anyhow. So, it is called "you" and there are also things when toward themselves. Although it is not necessarily schizophrenia, while carrying out a band or growing older about this album, man also changes variously. I think that I am the type which seldom changes, and although it has not actually changed, I want me to think forever that soul and the body of thinking that it is good are good. It is touch that the wish that it wants is put without he dividing and coming apart without parts.?v
----Since it is without changing, is the message carried out to itselves?
?u Well. I want for what was regarded as good to be by itself. ?v
----It is persuasive just because the present noodles sings.conversely, it is likely to change it see a feeling of a crisis and was there any thing.
?uI think that I want YES MAN much from ancient times. I want that to be right to many persons. But it is an unexpectedly difficult thing. Although I in me am not only, I think that what is necessary is just YES MAN which can be regarded as good. Although it is natural. It is difficult itself. There has already been atmosphere "it decided!" Since it is not such a naive person, the kettle has not necessarily obtained mist, either. Although it does not go to spiritual enlig - ROCKIN'ON JAPAN


LOVE MY LIFE original sound track performed by noodles (2006)
Cover me Shakespeare (2006)
ivy (2005)
Fuzz hill (2004)
GOD CABLE (2003)
long long chain (2001)
rainbow (1999)
lite pop (1999)



In 1991, four young girls gathered to start the band Noodles, performing their first shows in Yokohama. In 1995, they released their debut album "JYURYOKU DOROBO" on the Benten Label. That same year, the girls wrote and recorded a song for a Coca-Cola commercial. The song became a big hit and was a radio favorite throughout Japan. In 1999, the band moved to Delicious, the new label run by rocker Yamanaka Sawao of The Pillows. Noodles began to focus their efforts on recording and playing shows. Over the next couple years, the girls toured Japan seven times, building a legion of loyal fans. In March, 2003, they opened for their heroes, The Breeders, in Osaka. Later that year, Noodles started to branch out overseas by performing at the CMJ Music Marathon. They have since been back to the States for two US tours and have appeared at SXSW two years in a row. Their most recent US tour, in spring 2005, was as the opening act on the very successful Delicious Bump Tour with anime champions, The Pillows. 2006, Noodles returns to the US for the Electric Finish Tour with Seattle's The Stereo Future. 2007, Noodles was done the tour in SF, LA, and NY and made it big again. Even with the 2004 loss of their second guitarist, Junko, the girls show no sign of slowing down. In fact, their songwriting has never been better and their fan base, both in Japan and in the States, just keeps on growing. Noodles remain Japan's best all-girl rock ensemble.