The NOOMOON Tribe is a Creative collaboration of Musicians, Artists, Healers Dancers, Movers, Thinkers & Free Spirits flowing in concert to perform orchestral, consciousness shifting experiences.


NOOMOON Tribe has an Earth base in New Orleans, Louisiana and members hailing from all corners of the planet. Audiences from across the land have
experienced the NOOMOON Tribe at large gatherings such as HORDE Festival, Ozzfest, Bonnaroo
WoodStock99, Lollapalooza Dragon Festival, Free Tibet
VOODOO Music Experience and many other smaller

NOOMOON Tribe will be hosting the Land of Nod stage at the VOODOO Music Experience 2007 for the 8th straight year. Come join us in the Big Easy for Halloween.


DVD Live VOODOO 04 split/ Worms Union Parade

DVD House of Shock with Atone Pain Tribe &
Krew du Poux Marching Band

Set List

The Music of NOOMOON Tribe can not be put into
any earthly catagory. By mixing traditional,
primitive, and inventive instruments, a vast spectrum
of harmonious rhythms are weaved into the fabric
of the melodic sound.