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No one

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Stolen Heart

Written By: Bronson Loffredo

One month since you talked to me.Not like I am blind you see.I chose you from two or three.You have a choice to set me free.Show you care or let me be. Without this I mearly dream.Can't believe how real you seem.This continues dusk till dawn.But I wake and you are gone.Sad i know but i dream on. I think its strange the way I sleep.Rightside down while left thinks deep.I think of you when out this way.Reverse? and crazy! out you stay!Good, since I need sleep to play. Clever how I work my mind.Music enters left you'll find,but wait it trasfers left to right,then in turn excites my sight,to see you in my mind, I might. If it were to come to death.If this were now my last breath.No though involved I would not trybut i would fall on my right side.To see you once before I die. Day in, day out, I play this part.I care for you and thats a start.I want to know you, as I knew you.See what happens!? Stolen Heart.