"No Owls"

"No Owls"

 Saucier, Mississippi, USA
BandRockNew Age

”No Owls” is a 3 member Instrumental Rock band from the Mississippi Gulf Coast. Their music comprises of dramatic, powerful, and melodic tones, associated with “Post-Rock”. A music that provokes; charges one’s core & challenges your being. ”No Owls” leaves you with an insatiable quest for more.


No Owls Bassist/Back-Up Vocalist - - M. Aaron Marcukaitis: Aaron took up playing music when his mother found a bass guitar on consignment at a local music store and bought it as a Christmas gift. He began lessons immediately. Aaron plays Bass Guitar during Marching & Jazz Seasons at his high school. Aaron plays Bass Clarinet, during concert season, which he learned in middle school. Pass Christian was awarded Superior ratings in marching band (10/2010 & 10/2011) and in Concert Season (3/2012).

Aaron has listened to music since he was old enough to carry around a cassette player. In 2010 as part of a garage band he competed, with his brother Terry, also of "No Owls" (and 2 other band members) at The Shed BBQ and Blues Joint Garage Band competition and placed 3rd. Quite an accomplishment, considering the band hadn’t played together in 4 months.

This young man also holds many gifts, including acting time on stage at the local theaters. Rounding out Aaron's skills, he occasionally lends his Baritone voice to support Galen’s vocals. The stage is “home” to Aaron and he enjoys performing as much as he does many different styles of music, including death core metal, alternative, punk and even a little country, specifically, Johnny Cash.

No Owls Drummer - - Terry Marcukaitis: His interest in music began at an early age, but really took flight when he got a “guitar pack” for Christmas in the 6th grade. He immediately took up lessons at a local music store. While
in middle school that Terry formed his first band and the music bug was fully embedded into his core. In 2010 as part of The Shed BBQ and Blues Joint Garage Band competition his band happened to win – "judges favorite song", an original called “Cockroach Suicide”, written by Terry and a friend. The song stems from a walk around a lake where Terry’s brother Aaron jumped on a sewer pipe and a bunch of cockroaches ran out.

Terry, like his brother, is in high school band and plays Clarinet for Concert season; moving to Bass Drum and Guitar for Jazz and Marching Seasons. Terry shares in the same high school band awards as his brother Aaron.

Terry is an accomplished self-taught drummer and is well known for his lyrics and music writing skills. He is an accomplished song writer and has terrific guitar skills. He loves his music and chooses to learn many genres.

No Owls Guitarist & Vocalist - - Galen Graham: At age 15, Galen began teaching himself to play guitar and soon after he began to write music.

A year after Galen began playing he and his friends created a 4-piece indie rock called “BravoWhatever”. The band played shows & festivals around the coast and even produced a demo CD. The band lasted for about 2 years then disbanded when one member moved away for college.

Galen decided to search for like minded individuals to form a new band. He landed a “guitarist position for “Going Postal”. Challenged with finding a suitable vocalist Galen decided to give singing a try and found he was quite good. It was quickly realized that his voice wasn’t right for Pop/Punk Rock, but had a really good sound. The band decided to find the right mix of music for Galen’s vocals.

The band experimented with their music and it began to take on a new sound moving through a course of alternative rock genres, ending in an Indie Post Rock/Cresendo-Core style. Bands such as “Mogwai”, “Explosions In The Sky” and “This Will Destroy You” heavily influenced the new sound, while maintaining a hint of their punk roots. Today Galen’s vocals (with back-up support from Aaron) are used more of an instrument than trying to relay a message of one form or another.


Coup - Wonga Studios, Gulfport, MS (Fall 2011) - Narrative by William Cooper is used by permissions - http://www.hourofthetime.com.

These Latter Times - Wonga Studios, Gulfport, MS (Fall 2011)

Over Again - Wonga Studios, Gulfport, MS (Fall 2011)