Nor is the infectious melodies from the 80's new wave era, taking a long peaceful swim in the sea of modern dance music... while smiling and giving the peace sign.


For most musicians, starting a solo career generally entails composing catchy melodies, memorable lyrics, and a talented group of artists to back you up. However, Nor had other ideas.

After 11 years as a multitalented musician, and time spent in a number of group projects, Nor was born, a solo labor without any outside help.

Originally a drummer, Nor wanted to create music that made people move, inspired them, and made them feel something deep inside. Feeling that keyboards might be an easier excursion than the guitar, Nor taught himself how to play, and began recording all of his own material on both instrument and computer, culminating in his first full length album, Speed Up Father! You Won’t Regret it.

Influenced by everything from Daft Punk to New Order to the Rolling Stones, the sound is one that certainly can’t be listened to sitting down, it’s catchy, and poppy, but not in a way that seems contrived. The artist himself describes the music as “robotic” and “pop sensible.”

Aside from the melodic elements, the lyrical content of a Nor song is worth paying attention to. Each song is its own short story, all involving relationships of one kind or another, ranging from political to romantic. In addition, the mood of the music coincides with lyrics pertaining to visions of the artist, often times writing about dreams that touch upon love, life and death.

The album recording was intensive, encompassing over 60 hours of recording time; vocal recording alone took over 20 takes per track. Every sound specific, every element planned out, Nor was exceptionally particular in the outcome of the project. Shortly after the strenuous recording, Nor took time to play a small string of dates with a friend in California, where his music was exceptionally well-received.

At only 23 years of age, Nor certainly is a young player in the game. Considering the hard work, dedication, and passion put into the album, it is safe to say that Nor is definitely one to watch and listen for in 2007, and we can expect a trail of success to follow suit


When I Met The Ocean

Written By: David M. Lubarski

The air seems dull tonight
The kids are out they’re so alive
But I’m in all alone
I can’t believe I’m so alone
It’s hard to see what’s happening
With these pale lights surrounding me
The window is my exit
My mom told me to never quit

I’m nine floors up
you don’t believe I’ll take that jump
But I’ll prove you wrong
I’ll take my life with a single fall
The wind’s pickin’ up
I loose my grip so here I come
They say “I’m too young”
I say what’s age got to do with love.

This will be, the last time I will fall in love with you.

Last night was just a dream
I don’t know what came over me
To take my life
Over one girl who would not be the wife
It’s not the first time
A girl took over my life
This will be the last time
I have a dream where I’ll die.


Speed Up Father! You Won't Regret it. (Spring 06)

Set List

1) If You Got Moves, I Got Moves
2) When I Met The Ocean
3) Nail Biter
4) If You're In The Mood, I'll Bring The Attitude
5) 1984 vs 1985
6) Waking From A Dream