Nora Konstanse

Nora Konstanse


Nora Konstanse is a Norwegian singer song-writer. Her folk pop melodies tells great tales. In 2011, Nora was accepted into the Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts and she is currently based in Liverpool studying her Music degree. In December 2012, Nora gave out her debut single;"We Are".


The singer/songwriter Nora Konstanse creates new acoustic folk music. She tells her big stories in her lyrics and she makes out her own path in a landscape of music with tones inspired by Ole Paus’ storytelling, Ane Brun’s expression and Joni Mitchell’s minimalism. For Nora, the music is a way to distance herself from her own feelings and thoughts.

Nora has earlier had several professional performances on both private and public stages. As an 18-year old, Nora set up a concert on the mountain “Vettfjellet” in her home town Sandnessjoen, Norway. The concert was a huge success for the 600 people that reached the top of the mountain in the spectacular North-Norwegian nature with the midnight sun, mountains, fjords and amazing nature. The concert created unforgettable moments.

In 2011, Nora was accepted into the Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts and she moved to Liverpool to realize her dream. Eirik Hansen (Cloud), Marius Rekstad (Highfields, Synne Eileen and the Sunbeams), Kristoffer Drageset (FoxJam) and Andreas Voie Julieboe (Jenny Langlo) are the boys backing up Nora as her band. The music scene in Liverpool has influenced their music and led to the discovering of their own sound.

Links to videos from the Parr Street studio session:
"We Are":


In December 2012 Nora released her first single “We Are”, which in January got played on the Norwegian National Radio Station, NRK. The single is also available on iTunes, Spotify and on Noras homepage.