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"Norcio CD Release show with Eisley!"

Local bands can’t often say they’ve shared the stage with the likes of Stone Temple Pilots, Nine Inch Nails and the Mars Volta.

But Norcio, a Baton Rouge fixture since 2006, has bragging rights as they were the opening act at the 2008 Voodoo Music Festival in New Orleans.

“It was awesome having our names on the T-shirts next to [bands like] Stone Temple Pilots,” said the band’s lead singer and guitarist Joseph Henry Poliquin V. “A few of the bands didn’t show up, so we were the first band to take the stage.”

But the five-piece band fans could expect to hear these days is a far cry from the one that rocked the NooMoon stage in City Park a year and a half ago. After numerous lineup changes, Norcio is constantly developing a newer, more mature sound.

“Old Norcio probably [sounded] more pissed off,” said bassist Sam Claitor, a graphic design freshman at the University. “I would say it’s definitely a more mature sound. The lyrics and the music are better composed.”

The band’s dynamic sound, which Claitor said segues between indie and groove rock, can be attributed to its multi-dimensional songwriting process.

“Usually, writing with Joe [Poliquin] is a very emotional experience on my part,” said vocalist and rhythm guitarist Samantha D’Shay, Poliquin’s fiancée. “We really concentrate on making the lyrics very personal. We can explain where every lyric we write comes from.”

The band members said having an engaged couple adds to their dynamic rather than presenting any problems.

“It’s cool seeing how well they work together,” said keyboardist Jared Saia. “They get in fights every now and then, but it’s always about music — the same thing any bandmate would fight about.”

Poliquin said writing songs with his fiancee is good for the band and his relationship.

“Most people think it’d be horrible or devastating,” Poliquin said. “But if [your partner] understands you enough and puts in as much emotion as you, it’s better for your relationship and for the band.”

The band’s current lineup is rounded out by drummer Brady Gautreaux, a Gonzales resident.

Although Norcio has gone though significant changes in its sound and lineup, Poliquin says he finds inspiration to move forward from the only person who believed in his ability to pursue music.

“My grandmother’s maiden name was Norcio,” Poliquin said. “When she passed away, they had these cards they gave out that had her full name on it, and it just stood out to me. She was the only person in my family who wanted me to keep playing music.”

The band’s first full-length album, “Home Sweet Home,” is set for a Feb. 20 release and will feature a compilation of the band’s older and more recent material. Norcio is playing CD release shows Feb. 20 at the Spanish Moon on Highland Road and Feb. 26 at The Bar in New Orleans.
- Ben Bourgeois

"Norcio Set To Play Voodoo Fest"

Going to The Voodoo Music Experience is a great opportunity to both see bands that you love and to get introduced to bands that you will soon love. One of Baton Rouge's own up-and-coming bands, Norcio, will be showcasing their musical creations for all to see on Friday, October 24.

The young band, comprised of lead singer and guitarist Joe Henry, lead guitarist Adam Garcia, bassist Josh Quinn and drummer Connor Ridgeway, are hitting the stage at Voodoo Fest for the first time but hopefully not the last.

Norcio plans to release their new album Far From Flat Lining the day of Voodoo Fest with hopes of catching the ear of a record label since they are not currently signed.

Some of the musical influences for Norico include bands such as Rage Against the Machine, 311, The Beatles and Incubus. Despite having a similar hairstyle, lead singer Joe Henry hates being compared to Claudio Sanchez from Coheed and Cambria.

It's hard to describe the sound that Norcio makes because it's honestly a huge mixture of many of the bands listed above. Norcio encompasses many aspects of rock, whether it be progressive, punk or even eclectic. One thing is for sure: when you hear them on stage, you won't soon forget them. The up-tempo energetic performance put on by these guys is a joy for any music fan to see.

Local band The Final Rise's front man Jesse Brooks says Norcio is "gravitating and truly a treat to watch live. It's good to see a band like that get a chance to play at Voodoo Fest, and I wish them the best."

Norcio plans to kick things off at 11:30 on Friday on the Noomoon Stage in Le Carnival sharing the day with acts such as Stone Temple Pilots, Angels and Airwaves, Joss Stone, Wyclef Jean and Eryka Badu. - Josh Davidson of Tiger Weekly

"Norcio records new album."

Much can change in today's music scene, as many local bands find themselves dismantling and starting anew with different pieces. For local band Norcio, much has changed in only a matter of months.

Fresh off a promising performance at last year's Voodoo Fest and the release of a new album, Norcio looked to be one of the more promising young bands in the Baton Rouge area. Fast forward a couple of months and Norcio is left with one original member, founder Joseph Henry Poliquin V, and a sound much different than before.

The new look and new name (Poliquin was formally known only as Joe Henry) came with much surprise in what Poliquin describes as an "ugly breakup."

All is not lost for Norcio, though, with a talented new mix of members that includes Samantha D'Shay Richard on rhythm guitar and back-up vocals, Aaron Lee Bohlander on drums, Jared Anthony Saia on keyboards, Hayden Cale Richie on guitar, and Poliquin back behind the microphone and leading the way on guitar.

"Norcio is a much more mature band now," said Poliquin. "The music is now in a slightly different direction, moving from the punk sound we used to play to a more blues and rock sound now."

Currently Norcio is in the process of finishing the recording of a new album entitled Home Sweet Home, which they have been working on for the last few months at Padded Cell Studios in Baton Rouge. The new album is slated to include eight new tracks, two of which will feature the guest drummer Brian Ireland of Something Corporate and local band Streamline.

Poliquin describes the new album as attuned to several themes that the band was focusing on during its writing and recording, ranging from the Mayan theory of the end of the world in 2012 to the current economic crisis, to broken family life.

"I'm happy with the way things are going," said Poliquin. "We are really coming together well as a band."

Along with the new album, Norcio will also be featured on a compilation album entitled Check This Shit Out: Volume 2 with Blame Shift, which will be released some time this summer.

Baton Rouge will get to see the new look of Norcio many times this summer, including a May 9 show at Insomneeaks with guests Cohen and the Ghost and an album release show June 6 with special guests Streamline.

Altogether, the new look and sound of Norcio has a great shot at building on the momentum the band made last year, making Norcio one of the more intriguing local bands to see this summer. - Josh Davidson of Tiger Weekly

"Norcio and Black Magnolia take over"

Norcio & Black Magnolia take over Click's
Two local bands that have been growing in popularity in recent months take to the Click's stage on December 4 for a twin-killing of modern rock-radio-friendly jamming.

Black Magnolia, with front man Adam Pearce's exasperated Chris Cornell-esque vocals and the fret-shredding work of Blake Pujol, look to play their last show in Baton Rouge for a while (according to the band's Myspace page). Meanwhile, sharing the bill with Black Magnolia will be Norcio. The band, currently working on a release with local upstart, Phantom Party Records, will likely offer up a cut or two from the forthcoming disc. Titled Home Sweet Home, the album will also include an appearance by Something Corporate's Brian Ireland.

To find out more about the Black Magnolia/Norcio show at Click's on December 4, call (225) 925-0806.
- Tigerweekly


-2005 - Single -
"Played Your Fool"

"Halfway To Somewhere"
(National indie radio play and local college station play.)

"Far From Flatlining"
(10 tracks. College station play KLSU. Alexandria radio play.)

"APT 63"

"Leave A Note" (college radio play. Drums by Brian Ireland.)
"Somewhere To land" (College radio play. Engineered by Jon Scholl.)

"Home Sweet Home"
(Preparing National College Radio play. Phantom Party Records release. National Indie online radio station play. Barnes N Noble. iTunes. Amazon. Substream and AP magazine articles.)



Every band spends countless hours manipulating words and phrases to come up with the perfect band name. Sometimes these names stick, sometimes they don't.
One thing can be promised, they don't always have profound meaning behind them.
The name "Norcio" comes from the late Christina Norcio Poliquin, grandmother of Vocalist/Guitarist Joseph Poliquin (JP).
She raised him as a child and was the only reason he continued pursuing the dream of professional musicianship.

Norcio has a vast array of influences ranging from Classic Rock bands like The Who and Rush, to Metal bands such as Tool and Killswitch Engage. Using these influences and throwing in the progression of bands such as Incubus and Muse, Norcio is attempting to ignore all social standards and prove that music can always be popular despite the genre, all it needs is strength.