Nordic Choro

Nordic Choro

 Helsinki, Central Finland, FIN

If choro music would have been born in the Nordic countries in the
late 19th century, it might be sounding like this nowadays. But this is just a vision and nordic choro is an imaginary genre. In any case the group Nordic Choro is a real representative of the genre from the far nordic countries.


NORDIC CHORO is a Finnish-Brazilian group, which was founded in the autumn of 2008. The repertoir of the ensemble consists mainly of
contemporary compositions by Jarmo Romppanen. He has been inspired by Brazilian choro music and musicians, and also influenced by nordic folk-fiddle styles. During this time the group have been playing in folk festivals around Finland (Folklandia, Sommelo) and also receiving very good feedback from the critics. The debut album Nordic Choro (S/T) was released in the late summer 2010.


Nordic Choro - 2010
Receita de Samba - Live from pacifico 2010 (avaiable on facebook)