No, Really!

No, Really!


No, Really! brings a sound that upon first impression, could not be compared to another band, nor stereotyped to a certain genre. No, Really! can fit in well with any genre, as they show obvious influences in a wide array of music; They promise to have you hooked.


Formed in July of 2008, No, Really! is a pop-rock quintet that gives a breath of fresh air to the local Michigan scene. The compilation of its members various musical backgrounds forge a unique sound. With powerfully driven guitar riffs, hard-hitting drums, and high energy vocals, No, Really! has an aggressive sound that shows no signs of stopping…

We aren’t here to change the world, nor are we here to be rich and famous. We formed this band because playing music is what we love to do. Our drive is relentless and our intentions are none other to provide you with the sounds that we believe are an extension of who we are.


No, Really Ep - Self Released 2009

Set List

The Price Of Progress
I'm Golden
Squid, The Whale
Bags Of Bones
The Platinum Rule
I Can't Say I Blame You, But I Do

Set time is typically 30 minutes in legth.