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NorEaster is a guy, with robots, totally kicking your ass. From delicately feathered musical poetry to raw, blistering guitars screaming over a thunderous sonic onslaught in true stereo, this is the biggest one-man act in the world. The only one of its kind.


I played in the Boston/New England original music scene for many years until finally tossing in the towel on it all in 1999. As a power-trio blues-rock guitarist/singer, I'd done okay, but the industry had long decided that my kind of music would be relegated to fringes, and I saw it was time to begin thinking about the rest of my life.

I took a few years off to pursue my love of writing, but I still loved to perform, and still had a lot of equipment lying around. After a while I found myself back in the bars, this time out it was as a solo acoustic act, tossing my originals out there as people chatted and enjoyed their dinners.

That was boring as hell. I had to change up a few things, but the last thing I wanted to do was start working a band together again. I'd had too many years of that headache, and with no interest in record labels or contracts anymore, I just couldn't see the value in building another band.

That's when I started playing with my studio tools, and began building "NorEaster" as a one-man interactive rock act. It took a lot of work, and some additional investment, but once it came together, it kicked the hell out of anything I'd ever launched before.

I was like a mad scientist, constantly perfecting and expanding the concept of the act. Balancing mid-range Q's, individual and combined levels of timbre presence, and stereo spread patterns to create the immediacy and complexity of sound that only a truly live performance can deliver, I spent two years - as I gigged around the Cincinnati area - tweaking the show until it finally became the startling presentation that it is now.

There's nothing that I can write that does it justice. It's the only show that's anything like it. There are those folks who play to MP3's and pre-recorded tracks, but that's not what this is. Everything is generated live, and is adjustable on the fly if the song requires it. A true three-piece rock show with harmony vocals and plenty of ripping guitar for the kids. It's something you'd have to experience to really get a full understanding of. It's just that innovative and unique.


I released "Wicked Blue" (Trace Records) in 1996, and "Semi-Automatic Slim" (Trace Records) in 1998. NorEaster is a bar act. I have no plans to bother with releasing under this act.

Set List

It's a three set show, with each set as a complete and unique show in itself.

Set 1 - This is The Songwriters Set, showcasing some of the best of the great songs written over the last few decades. Older folks generally appreciate this set as they're heading out to get home for the 11:00 news and Leno.

Set 2 - This is The Alt Rock Set. Material by Alice in Chains, Nirvana, Ramones, U2, and Nine Inch Nails makes this set the right call for keeping the 20 and 30 somethings hanging around for another drink. This is your late crowd and this stuff keeps them interested in what's coming up next.

Set 3 - This is The Drunk Rock Set. This is where I haul out the roadhouse stuff and drive the place over the edge. I get to play the guitar-hero material - Hendrix, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Doors - and even my own raged-out version of what makes a roadhouse a roadhouse after the kids have all gone home for the night. I save it for the last set so that nobody gets their eye put out, unless th