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I released "Wicked Blue" (Trace Records) in 1996, and "Semi-Automatic Slim" (Trace Records) in 1998. NorEaster is a bar act. I have no plans to bother with releasing under this act.



I played in the Boston/New England original music scene for many years until finally tossing in the towel on it all in 1999. As a power-trio blues-rock guitarist/singer, I'd done okay, but the industry had long decided that my kind of music would be relegated to fringes, and I saw it was time to begin thinking about the rest of my life.

I took a few years off to pursue my love of writing, but I still loved to perform, and still had a lot of equipment lying around. After a while I found myself back in the bars, this time out it was as a solo acoustic act, tossing my originals out there as people chatted and enjoyed their dinners.

That was boring as hell. I had to change up a few things, but the last thing I wanted to do was start working a band together again. I'd had too many years of that headache, and with no interest in record labels or contracts anymore, I just couldn't see the value in building another band.

That's when I started playing with my studio tools, and began building "NorEaster" as a one-man interactive rock act. It took a lot of work, and some additional investment, but once it came together, it kicked the hell out of anything I'd ever launched before.

I was like a mad scientist, constantly perfecting and expanding the concept of the act. Balancing mid-range Q's, individual and combined levels of timbre presence, and stereo spread patterns to create the immediacy and complexity of sound that only a truly live performance can deliver, I spent two years - as I gigged around the Cincinnati area - tweaking the show until it finally became the startling presentation that it is now.

There's nothing that I can write that does it justice. It's the only show that's anything like it. There are those folks who play to MP3's and pre-recorded tracks, but that's not what this is. Everything is generated live, and is adjustable on the fly if the song requires it. A true three-piece rock show with harmony vocals and plenty of ripping guitar for the kids. It's something you'd have to experience to really get a full understanding of. It's just that innovative and unique.