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No Regrets

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An eclectic mix of Classic Rock and Progressive Rock, No Regrets boasts members ranging in age from 18 to 54. All the band members bring their own musical influences together to create a blend of sound unlike anything on the radio today!


No Regrets originally formed as an acoustic four piece, with Angi Dodge and Cary Black as its founding members. Cary has been in a wide variety of Rock bands for over 20 years, from Washington State to Denver, Colorado, to the Tri-City area of Michigan, in such bands as The Wazz, Apocrypha, Flitezone, and Satee. Steve Vinson performed with several Country music bands in the Mid-Michigan area for over 20 years. Nathan Mercieca is a former member of the heavy metal band, Coeptus, which he performed with for 3 years; he also performed with the band “We Mic’d the Stars”. Bill May was a regular rotating member of a few bands in the area, including “Red Aurora” and “Dark & the Strangelys”. Angi's background is centered in theatre and vocals.


Here Before the Storms

Written By: Angela Dodge

Do you think the wind will ever stop
Do you think the rain will keep on falling
Doesn’t matter much to me because
I hear the delta it’s still calling

We were born into the bayou
We were here before the storms
We will stay until the end of days
Until our Cajun blood is gone

Do you think that we can rebuild it
And do we really care at all
I have my guitar and my music
And I can play until it falls


There’s a rhythm to the downpour
There’s a cycle to the squall
The tempest rages all around us
The harmony of nature calls


Till our Cajun blood is gone x2

My Fate

Written By: Angi Dodge & Cary Black

And I damned myself the first time I set my eyes on you
In the center of my heart is lodged a piece of your soul
I am hopeless and helpless
Doomed to carry you in my heart
No matter what I do or where I go
Into my core

I am destined to this fate (4x)

And I lost myself in your voice the first time I heard a word
It blocked out every sound from hammer, stirrup and drum
I am helpless and hopeless
Doomed to hear you in my ears
No matter where I go or what I do
Inside my ears


It was that hot night in August
The storm took you away from me
We heard the roaring as the levee failed
And water surged our way

Oh God how I remember
The water crashing through our door
I was screaming on the staircase
I saw you trapped upon the floor

I tried so hard to reach you....
The torrent was too strong
In a flash I saw your eyes, my love
And in the next flash you were gone....

And I drowned myself in dark eyes the first time you looked at me
They eclipsed the colors around me with depth and intensity
I am hopeless and helpless
Doomed to see them everywhere
No matter what I do or where I go
In my eyes


This is my fate....

Fives and Sevens

Written By: Angi Dodge

The world was hot, the people cold
The governments obtained control
Masses drank the spoon-fed Kool-Aid
Swallowed the bullshit whole
Majority believed the lies
As the population died
Everything to the 3%
Nothing left for the rest

There’s no one to challenge
And no one to question
We’ve let ourselves be led
Into complete destruction
The 3% are in control
Leading the blind sheep
Towards their utter

Rising up out of the crowds
A few souls rejected
The falsehoods the liars told
And what they projected
As mass hysteria grew
These few people flew
To build a new world of their own
Watch the old one implode

Repeat V.1


Written By: Angi Dodge

I run my hands through my hair
Holding my head up in the air
And breathe in deep
To steady myself to just not care

Wake up each day and thoughts go ‘round
Go through the motions without sound
And breathe in deep
To keep myself on the ground

Bridge 1:
Often I feel free-floating
Untethered and balloon-like
Drifting and purposeless
Waiting for something to strike
Breathing makes sense most days
I breathe in deep, try to change my ways

Hear I go again with my head in the sky
Sunbeams and snowflakes will pass me by
And breathe in deep
To make an effort to understand why

I try to gather my senses together
Watching the clouds like fields of heather
And breathe in deep
To transform my mind’s disoriented weather

I will tether myself to the ground for you
I will stabilize and maintain the view
And breathe in deep
To change, to know, to understand
All for you…

Bridge 2:
So, likewise, you free-float
Untethered in my mind
But not drifting and with purpose
You make the venomous strike
Make me gasp for air most days
And breathe in my wrongness, say I must change my ways

Hear I go again with my head in the sky
Sunbeams and snowflakes will pass me by
And breathe in deep
To make an effort to understand why

Underneath the Surface

Written By: Angi Dodge

Underneath the surface world
Under what we see with the eye
Perceptions of reality twist
Shatter, segment and fly (2x)

There is more to life
Than what meets the eye
There is more to this world than you see
Or can begin to wonder why (2x)

In sleep we can fly together
In dreams we can breathe underwater
At night I can speak to the dead
Sometimes I talk to my father

The doors you seek are all around
Hidden in our memories
Hiding in the forest
Or buried underground (2x)

Don’t be alarmed at whispers in your ear
Of if you see a flash in your eye
When you confront your childhood fears
It’s just the underneath passing by (2x)

Don’t be scared if you slip through the cracks
Oh please be amazed by what you behold
Shape-shifters, half breeds, castles at night
Mythical wolves, and spires of gold

Chorus, last line 3x


No Regrets' first EP was released in April, 2007, entitled "Katrina Tales". It contains 20 minutes of music in three songs, all of which will be featured on the full-length CD and the DVD soundtrack. The CD was produced by Red Owl Productions ( and recorded at White Crow Conservatory, in Saginaw, MI.

“No Regrets” released their second CD, “It Is What It Is…” in June 2008, with a gig at the Tittabawassee Township Park in Freeland, MI. It is a full length CD recorded at the “No Regrets” Studio and produced by Red Owl Productions and Cary Black.

The Second CD, “It Is What It Is!!!”, represented a temporary departure for the band from working on the Katrina project. No Regrets had a hand full of non-Katrina related songs that they wanted to incorporate into a separate CD, though they ended up including several modified cuts from the Katrina CD’s.

Katrina Tales: Out of the Storms was released for the anniversary of the tragic coming of Hurricane Katrina, August 29, 2008. The album boasts a theme of tragedy, yet perseverance, love and tenacity that those of the Gulf Coast are known for. The songs were written as a soundtrack for the DVD accompanying the book, “Tales of Katrina: A Freight Train Screamin’”, and often are the emotive backdrop for the searing images and video footage used in the video production. 15% of the sales of the Out of Storms CD are slated to be donated to the Community Center of St. Bernard, St. Bernard Parish, Arabi, LA.

Set List

A No Regrets set list will include a mix of originals and covers. The cover music ranges from Pink Floyd to REM, Counting Crows to Led Zeppelin, Rolling Stones to Johnny Cash.