Noremac McCarthy

Noremac McCarthy

 Pella, Iowa, USA

Epic, honest, cerebral, crescendo-crazed post-rock without the 20 minutes of silence or ambient wailing. Fast, intricate guitar work, machine gun drumming, cellos that sound like honey and knee-buckling climaxes. Nice guys, loop stations, and a smokin' hot chick drummer. What more can you ask for?


Noremac McCarthy: originially a solo project as the progeny of a delirium of depression, ADHD and excessive amounts of green tea, a guitar + loop station. We played our very first show opening for Canby (Scott Yoshimura of The Envy Corps) and since that summer in 2009, we’ve developed an insatiable desire to become more precise and innovative with every show. We’ve played with several successful bands in our sporadic performance tenure: Radio Moscow, Joan of Arc, River City Extension, The River Monks, Pianos Become The Teeth, We Are The Willows, Parlours, Cashes Rivers, and more. We’ve received comparisons from American Football to Modest Mouse and Arcade Fire, from Death Cab for Cutie to Pink Floyd (*drunk-woman-at-show* “it’sssss… it’s sooooo... architectural ['arr-chi-TEH-shure-uuullll”). Essentially, we have a very eclectic sound with a very intense live show.


"I Have Not The Body Electric EP" July 2010
"Play Guitar" mid-production; Fall 2011

Set List

instrument microphone (cello)

if you mean set list, like my set? if so here it is.
"Waltz no.1"
"I Have Not The Body Electric"
"Grace and The General"
"If I Weren't A Lost Young'n..."